Couture Raving: Comme Des Garçons

Do you remember that one time Rei Kawakubo went to a rave? Me neither…

As we silently wait for the world of high fashion and dance music to collide on a cosmic proportion, we here at OneEDM gently nudge the two together. The Met Costume Exhibit this year is celebrating the work of Rei Kawakubo for Comme Des Garçons for her achievements in turning fashion into art, and I couldn’t be more excited. So what does this have to do with EDM? As fashion fanatics it is up to us to bridge the gaps of society with our selection of clothes, so I perused the 20 years of CDG archives (courtesy of Vogue Runway) to find the best rave outfits. Whether or not Kawakubo had the heart pounding beats of BORIS in her ears when designing, below are my top picks…

Spring 1996
This collection was a flurry of colors like that of no other. Mixing asymmetric shapes and neon colors, Kawakubo truly took a turn from her usual black and somber looks. This collection was perfectly tailored for the 90’s happy hardcore scene.

Fall 2017
Kawakubo stepped away from convention in her typical rebellious fashion to create other worldly looks comprised of bulbous dresses that seem almost impossible to wear. So then why not wear it to a sweaty house driven night club? This look featured would be perfect for a night at Flash Factory as the club kid scene there is desperately trying to find new life (and surprisingly doing well).

Spring 2017 Menswear
Taken from the Comme Des Garçon Hommes Plus (not to be confused with Commes Des Garçon Hommes, or Comme Des Garçon Comme Des Garçon) collection, Kawakubo wanted to tell a story about a king who lost all of his clothes. Instead, I saw a king ready to hit the dance floor. I could see this number being worn at NYC’s fancy dungeon Slake, in the infamous red room. If you haven’t been yet, most unfortunate.

Fall 2017 Menswear
Getter, is that you? Oh wait, nevermind. Just another club worthy piece from the Comme Des Garçon Hommes Plus collection. This outfit already looks like it went through the ringer at the toughest Excision show of the night; toy dinosaurs included.

Fall 2013
For an autumnal collection Spring was certainly in the air. Or maybe a pool party at Space Miami while the big room drops of Martin Garrix kept you up all night? Either way Kawakubo ended her dark collection with bursts of colors and flirty cuts. Even goths have moments of brightness.

Fall 2012
These looks would’ve been perfect for those rainy days at Hudson Music Fest (so aptly named Mudson after a weekend of rain turned the festival grounds into a literal mud slide). And if you’re like me and hate being cramped at the main stage, these oversized silicone silhouettes will keep you and your personal space safe.

Spring 2005 Menswear
The only way to describe this collection is “trippypsychodelicmoonrockadelic”.

Spring 2006 Menswear
If you want to go to a rave, but are too cool for school, then the pieces in Comme Des Garçon Spring 2006 Menswear collection are everything you need. Part rock and roll, part eccentric this collection was meant for that one friend you have that needs to be edgy all the time.

Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between will be on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art May 4–September 4, 2017.

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