Daft Trunk: A Fashion Line To Help Artists Pursue A Career In Music

A fashion line to help aspiring artists attend school for EDM through festival apparel design

Daft Trunk is an apparel company focusing on music education for artists who need financial support to pursue their dreams. A small percentage of profits goes towards the Future Creators Fund to provide education support for talented artists. By raising money through festival clothing, Daft Trunk is helping dreams become a reality.

Daft Trunk
Daft Trunk, where music and fashion ‘Club Together’ for good. (PRNewsfoto/Daft Trunk)

About Daft Trunk

The company focuses on gathering a percentage of the 7+ billion dollars generated by EDM around the world by giving artists finances to succeed in music production. Future Creators Fund receives funding by collecting 20% of all profits through clothing sales. In 2018,  at least one artist will receive a grant for production school.

Graphic Designers mix bright colors with a collage of abstract art, jungle animals, and a free-spirited theme creating a variety of pieces. Apparel is available for all ages and sexes. Daft Trunk fashion line is for all festival-goers, clubbers, and most of all, music lovers who prefer a lightweight clothing piece to allow for comfort and more freedom to dance. Options range from tank-tops, t-shirts, crop-tops, and leggings. The 100% polyester fabric provides durability and long lasting festival clothing to assure the best fashion sense for any festival.

The Future Creator Fund will be available at the end of the summer. It is open to all US residents to help further their education in EDM. In addition to apparel, Daft Trunk encourages artists of all electronic genres to submit their tracks for promotion via their newsletter.

Looking to the future

Joe Campo, co-founder of Daft Trunk, built the business as a result of not having financial stability for a career in music. A different direction for education was a must for Campo with the lack of grants available for the music industry. Daft Trunk has been providing financial assistance for electronic artists since 2017.

Speaking with great excitement, Joe Campo said:

“We’re very excited to launch the first apparel made for clubbers – that benefits clubbers. With the overwhelming number of platforms sharing music, it’s hard for fans to find remarkable new artists to follow that don’t yet have the support of a label. As lovers of EDM, it’s important we all help new artists break through and cut through the noise, so to speak.”


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