Dance With Those Curls: Top Nine EDM Festival Hairstyles

Ladies, gents  — the next EDM festival is happening right now. While you read this, someone, somewhere, is headbanging and shuffling their way into the night. Whether at a local show (dive bars, where you at?) or something big like Coachella, it is happening.

EDM, or electronic dance music, is not going anywhere, so all the haters better get used to it. In fact, the EDM industry is up 60% in the last four years. It is now worth at least $7.1 billion!

Now, either you like the bass or you do not. And if you have landed on this article, chances are you love it — and we are right there with you. Consider us your best friend, helping you size up concert outfits and festival hairstyles in the full-length mirror, the day of.

Speaking of hair, what good is a sick outfit if the ‘do just does not match?

Here are our favorite hair looks for 2019.

What’s Involved in Awesome Festival Hairstyles?

Look, we know you are going to be partying and dancing the night away. You have got a packed schedule. But what is an extra hour in the morning to look your best all day?

These looks take werk, baby. No one rolls out of bed with the perfect glitter-adorned boxer braids. They spend their time (and their arm strength) preparing themselves for the show.

So, give yourself a little bit of time in the morning with these looks. And when you see the Instagram photos for the next week (or month), you will be happy you did.

You may need some supplies, but nothing a quick stop to the store cannot produce. We promise to not list anything that calls for more than these basic tools:

  • Hairbrush (duh) or hair pick (for separating and/or teasing strands)
  • Hairspray and/or gel (especially gel if you want to mix it with glitter)
  • Which brings us to: glitter. Opaque colors work great for hair and skin
  • Hooks, hair hooks, hair clips — whatever you want to call them, get them and clip them into every braid
  • Hair ties 
  • Some braid skills

And that last one is not a necessity if you have some hair-savvy friends in your group.

Now, it is time to get down to it. You can expect to see at least one, if not all, of these hairstyles on your next EDM adventure. Take notes, ravers.

1. The Braided Part

This is not your momma’s middle part. It is your momma’s middle part with a (literal) twist.

Take a very small section right in the middle of your part/head. Give it a small braid to the crown of your head. Let the sides hang down loose (and know it looks good straight or curled).

2. Boxer Braids or Double Dutch Braids

These are great festival hairstyles for a reason. They look beautiful and they stay in place through all the dancing.

Split your hair down the middle. Do a French braid on either side, which stays snug to the head by nature. Looks great, stays tight — Boxer braids.

For Dutch braids, do everything the same. But instead of drawing the hair over and under, bring it from the underside first. It is like a reverse French braid.

3. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots — or tight, twisted buns. They are controlled, they stay close to the head (perfect for dancing). And they are adorable.

Despite the name, they are not actually knots. They are gorgeous little buns fit for any skill level. And the best part is, when you take them out, you have got some great curls.

4. The Timeless Topknot 

The topknot never goes out of style. Plus, it is so easy to manage, redo, take down. It leaves you free, with many options for re-styling as the day goes on.

To keep it fresh, pull shorter hairs from the knot to frame your face. Pull from the sides and back, letting the wisps show how chill (yet put together) you really are.

5. Space Buns (Regular or Upside-Down!)

Miley Cyrus does not own the space buns (although she rocks them well). Take a cue from her book and try the double bun, which offset a fierce center part.

For an added layer of awesome, tilt your head upside down after parting. French braid one side at a time, starting from the bottom and going up. Repeat opposite side.

Spread glitter all over the middle part and be generous. Then, you are done.

6. All-Natural, Free, with a Little (Or a Lot Of) Tease

If your hair is naturally frizzy, curly, ‘fro beautiful, then let it live. If anything, tease it a little more for some extra oomph. But if your hair is festival-ready already, let it do its thing.

And if that does not sound like enough, use the next step on your pre-established awesome ‘do.

7. Temporary Dye (Because Commitment Is Tough)

These hair color trends are hard to keep up with.

First, it is pink, then it is baby blue (or was it light green?). And now it is a soft lilac, the kind that is equal parts intriguing and inspiring.

You might see a lot of neon colors at your next show, but style experts say that’s on its way out. Rather, people are preferring the dramatic, but obviously, pastel, look of lilac.

If you are freaked about a permanent dye, there are options. Check out your local drug store’s collection of temporary dyes and sprays. They typically last one day or one wash, keeping you office-ready for Monday.

8. Extensions (Because Growth Takes Time!)

And speaking of faux hair, did you know that a lot of looks you have been seeing are not exactly real?

They are really awesome, sure. Photogenic, too. But that does not mean they are all-natural. We are here to introduce the awesome lifehack of hair extensions.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. Same goes for your hair. Add some extensions to your short locks and — voila — you can attempt all kinds of braids, twists, buns, and more.

9. An Eclectic Extra 

Do you love EDM music, but hate taking forever to style your hair?

This festival hairstyle is for you.

If all else fails, keep it chill and neutral, natural, easy. Do what you are used to doing on a daily basis. And then add a fun extra, such as an eclectic headband or headpiece. 

We promise it will look like you spent way more time on it than you actually did.

Which ‘Do Will You Do?

The options for festival hairstyles are abundant. If you are having trouble, scour platforms like Instagram, Google, magazine websites. You are bound to find something that you love and are capable of doing.

And if not, hey — that is what friends are for.

Coachella’s coming up (April 12-21, to be exact). So you can try your hand (and your Instagram handle) at these looks then.

And if not then, soon. As we mentioned, EDM isn’t going anywhere.

Speaking of Coachella, time to choose an outfit to watch what is on top. Here is our best inspiration for music festival clothing this year.

For EDM Style and more on Electronic Dance Music check out One EDM.

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