EDC Styles and Trends of 2017

Self-expression is a huge part of what makes the rave scene. Over a hundred thousand people of different ages, shapes, and sizes come together at Electric Daisy Carnival to celebrate it. For this year’s EDC, Insomniac promoted the UNITY part of “PLUR”. Plastered throughout their promotions before, during, and after the event, the words “All are welcome here” echoed in the minds of its headliners (attendees). EDC styles usually change every year, in 2014 there was the Little Black Diamond bottoms craze. Other years i Heart Raves apparel took supreme reign. The trend is different every year with new shops coming into the scene and revolutionizing festival fashions and trends.


Whether it be through music, dancing, artwork, or even style; each year provides new trends to follow and this year is no different. This year’s trends were variety of cutout bodysuits, glam accessories, and ‘spacey’ iridescent fabrics that were twisted by its wearer to make each look personal. 

Belle in La Tortura bodysuit | @RaveWithMiGente

The Florida-based designer, Belle, has become highly recognized for her one-of-a-kind bodysuits seen all over social media this festival season. The fabric patterns she uses have been ahead of the game and the vast selection of styles can make you feel cute and girly to bringing out your inner goddess. Her most popular piece is the La Tortura bodysuit which is featured on her website in multiple styles and colors giving buyers a various assortment to choose from. Aside from the bodysuits, chain belts from the brand were also a big hit among headliners bringing some attention to the legs. Belts can be as simple as the one pictured or bulked up with fringe and pendants to add that extra “oomph” to any outfit.

Holographic Hues

@judithhtorress | Instagram

Holographic clothing and accessories were a big part of EDC style. As a little touch of 90’s fashion, the material was seen on everything from backpacks to skirts, shoes, and every ‘knick-knack’ in between. The fabric was seen on both men and women as it adds funk to any outfit without overwhelming shine and almost gives off a futuristic look to it.

 Chunky Glitter All Over

Lunautics Glitter | @lunautics

Glitter has always been a fun way to decorate one’s canvas. It’s said that if you follow a trail of glitter it leads to a unicorn and these EDC goers are close to the real deal. Sparkling under the lights of Daisy Lane and Electric Avenue you’ll notice that chunky glitter has shined its way to popularity. The glitter can be worn in hair, on arms, legs, and especially on one’s face. Current leading brands are FestivalFace and Lunautics.

@nick_badbird_jones | Instagram
@samkeepssmiling | Instagram


In addition, shiny, iridescent fabrics and surfaces made an appearance all over EDC. There were so many ways to wear it and on different types of clothing, not one attendee looked the same.  The styles varied per item but were mostly seen on ravewithmigente and shopoceanmoon bodysuits scattered around the fest.

Discoteca Fringe Bodysuit | @ravewithmigente


@reallykelly | Instagram

Folding fans serve as a delicate little accessory and had the benefit of keeping festival-goers cool in the Las Vegas heat. Temperatures never dipped below 80 degrees Fahrenheit even when the sun was down and the festival took place. Some had LEDs with long trails while others looked like fanned out hundred-dollar bills.
Captain’s Hats
Both the men and women of EDC wore these hats. Some captain’s hats were decorated in gems, fur, feathers, and stickers as a reminder that ‘sh!p fam’ is there. At every stage there was always one individual dancing in the middle of the crowd with one. The top of the hat provides plenty of room for customization like photos and artwork that is easily seen from afar.

From the baggy ‘phat pants’ of the late 80’s and early 90’s to the glitter loaded spirit hood and body suit wearing unicorns of today, the ethos of festival fashion evolves along with the music of today. But it all comes down to the fact that self expression remains an integral part of electronic music culture now and forever; It will always be evolving. Even though a certain clothing style might be on fire at the moment, a new fashion trend may take popularity within a few months. One thing is for certain, EDC styles will be interesting to see next year with all the talent the designers have and all the quality they advertise. So perhaps next year, or the next festival coming up styles will change. Therefore keep in touch with these fabulous shops below.

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