Refresh Your Festival Look with EDM Style Eyewear

Psychedelic kaleidoscope lenses and flashing LED frames

EDM Style is about making over the top statements. From quirky costumes, sexy suits, and wild accessories to glamping, luxury VIP lounges, and party buses, EDM style turns up the volume from ordinary to extraordinary. Below, is a look at how EDM style turns the traditional eyewear accessory into pairs sensational spectacles.

EDM style eyewear

In the summer festival season, ordinary eyewear options like sunglasses get an EDM style makeover. Some of the options approximate the timeless classic Wayfarer frame by RayBan while others combine LED lighting with goggles for a look like Rezz.

Rezz wearing LED eyewear

Better yet, these EDM style eyewear options make for a great opportunity to light up the dance floor. Inspire your next festival outfit with a look at the EDM style eyewear options including kaleidoscope lenses and LED light frames and goggles.

Kaleidoscope Lenses

Kaleidoscope lenses bend and twist light into wacky patterns. As a result, these lense are sure to make the view of the festival stage light designs a visual overload. Furthermore, the various designs offer an array different effects:

Holographic Unicorn Spiked Kaleidoscope Goggles

spikes are perfectly matched to these goggles and bring them a serious cyber-rave steampunk edge

Rave Ready

Since the lenses are interchangeable, too, this allows for customizing and endless fun.

lenses can be easily removed and replaced with other 50mm lenses 

Rave Ready

As is visible in the picture below, the lens pop on and off the frames.

Programmable LED Eyewear

Light up your face with bright LED frames and goggles. These fun lights are programmable for different colors and display modes. The Pixel Pro, most especially, is an LED eyewear option that is a fun way to add a glow effect to festival outfits. Combine them with glow sticks and wearable glow stick jewelry.

As a programmable LED light display, there are over 350 programmable light displays. Also, the user can even select multiple modes that play in sequence. Just select the mode according to whatever way you wish to set your eyes aglow. The Rave Ready retailer elaborates on this aspect of the Pixel Pro:

you can create a playlist of your favorite color patterns and modes 

Rave Ready

The playlist is easily enabled by a remote control. Moreover, the tech specifications of this product are a dream. It is rechargeable, the battery lasts up to seven hours, 14 levels of LED light brightness, and the lenses are tinted for UV protection. It is a pretty spiffy product.

Get the look


The EDM style eyewear like these are available from the festival fashion retailer, Rave Ready. Additionally, they supply all kinds of colorful apparel and accessories. This is any EDM festival-goers one stop shop for festival wear because they have it all. Among other light up products are their bomber jackets.

Rave Ready, festival fashion brand

This Los Angeles based brand supplies one of the largest collections of festival clothes, accessories, and gear. Also, they pride themselves on providing the best products. In their own words, they encourage festival-goers to stock up on brand approved merchandise:

When you are lost and lit on the festival grounds make sure you have legit rave ready approved gear.

Rave Ready


Also, the LED light eyewear featured comes from the minds at GloFX. Furthermore, brand name accurately describes the glow effects of their light up products. Lastly, read what they have to say about their shiny merchandise:

GloFX designs and manufactures products including Diffraction Glasses, Kaleidoscope Glasses, Rave Goggles, Lasers, LED Fiber Optic Space Whips, Glow Poi, Light Show Gloves, Spinning Orbits and more.

The makers at GloFX
GloFX brand logo
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