EDM Style Face Masks for Health and the Dancefloor

EDM-style face masks to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic

Surgical face masks once only worn among health professionals now appeals to ravers and now more than ever to the general populations as a essential piece in one’s COVID-19 era wardrobe.

Face Masks inspired by EDM style and fashion

Want protection and style? Safeguard yourself with a face mask that matches your personal style with deigns that were meant for pairing with everything–not just scrubs.

Face masks done up in festive designs are available almost anywhere, but is a sure shop to find them as COVID-19 shutdowns have closed up shops just about everywhere. Fear not, stay at home, shelter in place and shop online for the masks. If you are going any place, remember to to cover your face.

Face mask filters

Find your face mask and be sure to wear it wisely. While the face mask is a smart choice the virus is even smarter. If it is in the air it is everywhere, even on the surface of a face mask and can still get to you. So clean up your place, wash your masks and change out the filter regularly to maximize your defenses against this airborne virus from lingering after landing all over the place.

filters for face masks

Face masks: the other side

As for the other side of the mask, make a show of it with health and fashion in mind. Like mounting a canvas oil painting to an art gallery wall, fasten the mask across your face for an eye catching showcase.

From geometric print to allover floral pattern, these designs are on trend with current fashion trends and are a sure fit for mixing and matching among your favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

Psychedelic skull face designs reveal a bony smile for a shocking look. Others are more along the tie dye side of the psychedelic design options. For example, the black and yellow splatter design–while not quite tie dye–it has that similar DIY style.

Stay healthy, and protected, and wear a face mask even if though it covers a smile, it is just one more way to make sure we can see it when all this corona virus blows over after while.

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