EDM Transportation: Party Buses and Limousines

Traveling to an EDM festival can be elevated from an everyday car like a taxi to something more luxurious, intimate, such as a limousine. Those looking to elevate their ride to inspire the EDM festival fun can opt for the Party Bus. Whatever the choice, the two compare to be a great option for the trip to the EDM festival. Read on to learn more about these awesome EDM transportation options.

Party Buses

Its a bus. Unlike an awful school bus, these have the interior of a dance club. From lights that glow, to comfy chairs, and room to dance, it is a party starter before the real party at the festival.


Luxurious, ostentatious, and iconic transportation style for VIP-like travelling. Stretch limousines in every model car imaginable: pick up trucks, Hummers, they are quite a sight. If you want to be seen, let a limousine do the work for you. All eyes will be on you as you enter and exit this spectacular vehicle. And for those look for more attention there is a sunroof to poke your head out of or whatever else you want people to see.

Booking your Ride

Check out your EDM festival destination for travel and transportation details. Often there are travel packages for larger groups and varying travel needs. Festival Bus lines often partner with EDM festivals to transport their attendees. Party Buses Rental included. Limousines, too.

Where to Look

Got to the EDM Festival website. Most websites give details on how to travel and will list whether their are private and public transportation options available. It is not uncommon to find these under an appropriately named tab like “Travel”or “Transportation”or “Getting There”.

What is it worth?

Well, if you value partying in a bus or a classy limousine then you know. If not, you may be on your own, this may mean an uncomfortably long walk. It pays to invest in the transportation aspect of the EDM Festival experience. Afterall, half the fun is getting to and from the festival. Just try to find a warranty on it.

Get a Party Bus

It happens there is already a one and only option for party bus travel to EDM Festivals. In, fact it is in their name: ONE N ONLY is “your source for festival travel packages”. But before you book, have a look at the travel experience from the ONE N ONLY video below.

That’s the party bus experience. Get it from ONE N ONLY. They know how it its done. In case you do not just visit their travel packages section and they will make things fall into place. Just bring your party they got the bus.

Get a Limousine

Limousines, limousines, what an enticing idea for getting to the festival. At that, there are EDM festival transportation arrangements for limousines available from independent companies that partner with festivals. As such, Ultra Music Festival Miami suggest Miami Limo Service. Must be because of the location. So, if the festivalis anywhere else looking to limo services in the city of the EDM festival of interest. Use your Google savvy to search for the limousine services per locale.

Get an idea of traveling alternatives

If you do not know how long a wait in the desert sun is in the train of traffic after being caked in sand after Burning Man, well it is uncomfortable even if temporary. So, if enjoying the comforts of modern EDM festival travel options, consider your needs, how far and long the travel will be, and be mindful of the timing and booking, too. Plan ahead, and plan for a party bus or limousine at your next EDM festival.

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