Rock the Dance Floor in Festival Gear by Electro Threads

Electro Threads: Festival Gear Collection

The festival gear collection by Electro Threads supplies tees, tanks, shorts, accessories and more for the fashion conscious festival goer. Colorful displays of psychedelia, bold patterns, and all-over print designs for that forward and fun look await inside the festival gear collection. No need to worry about being missed at the nightclub because the festival gear collection includes products that illuminate under blacklight, leaving you glowing in the dark. Don’t miss it. These clothes were meant to be seen.

Festival Gear

This collection of festival gear holds true to the category with designs that radiate a festive vibe. Inspire your next festival experience with a new look from the Electro Threads festival gear collection. Leave no one behind: Electro Threads has products for men, women, and children, too. For a glimpse of the festival gear collection continue viewing the galleries below. All merchandise shown come directly from the online store. Enjoy.









Clothes for All

No matter the gender, no matter the clothes, Electro Threads dresses all. The clothes suit just as well for men, women, and anyone wanting that special piece that makes you look and feel great. Much of the featured items in the galleries above and on the Electro Threads website are marketed as unisex. No matters, no worries, Electro Threads suits all.

festival gear
Reviews from the Electro Threads website.

Brand Involvement

Join the fun, get your festival gear, here. Electro Threads also invites customers to their blog for fashion tips, but do not go too far, One EDM has it, too.  The brand also invites further participation among artists with the vision to feature their design on official Electro Threads merchandise. That is an exciting fact since their stuff is quite a sight.  What will it look like? Submit your art and see.

festival gear
Photo from ElectroThreads Facebook.

About Electro Threads

Electro Threads is an online fashion retailer supplying clothes, accessories, and more for every lifestyle. Made with love, Electro Threads aims to inspire all things good:

The goal of Electro Threads is to inspire, uplift, and spread positive vibes throughout the world. We believe in the power of a positive state of mind and strive to design clothing that radiates positivity.

What better way to wear clothes than with the purpose of spreading peace and love? These items are meant to mean so much more than just another piece in your wardrobe. When wearing these clothes, one is part of the Electro Threads family. In 2015, Electro Threads was the official sponsor for the Safe In Sound Festival.

Graphic from Electro Threads; Edited by Eric Niebergall

Since then, the company continues to inspire EDM fans and ravers with spirited festival gear and friendly savings options from flash sales and exciting promotions. Save more with Electro Threads’ rewarding customer savings program that pays you back for your spendings. This will leave customers with enough left over to stretch that money across that one special item for the next big event. Go and get them, now is the time.

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