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Heading out to a festival or party is serious business, and a lot of planning goes into it! We all have learned the hard way about dressing for every weather scenario. Get yourself dressed with tips from fashion-guru Emma Baker below.

As tempting as it is to turn up with a suitcase full of sequined outfits and fabulous platform shoes, if you forget to pack a pair of leggings, a warm jacket, or shoes you can actually dance in for 12+ hours, it is going to put a serious dampener on your festival!

Emma Baker- Founder and Owner of Get Yourself Dressed

It is all about finding a balance between practical and fashionable. The most important thing is making sure you have the right outfits ready to go because this can make or break your night. There are a few key things that make a perfect outfit and are absolute essential items to have the best festival weekend every time!

Emma Baker Tips

Here are some fashion tips from Emma Baker, founder, and designer of Get Yourself Dressed!

1. Plan, plan, and plan your outfits!

Chances are you are going to want to have a couple of outfit changes per day. One day, one night, and if it is a camping festival, you are probably going to want to have something more casual for chilling in your campsite. For a three day festival, that is nine outfits already and that does not include what you plan to wear to bed! Are you following a festival theme with your outfits? What kind of parties are you going to? Is one of them a pool party? Make sure you think about these things ahead of time and pack with all these points in mind.

2. What is on your feet is super important.

Converse or Havaianas are my go-to’s, depending on the weather. Both are equally as comfortable for dancing around for multiple hours. It is mostly flip flops during the day and Converses at night as it keeps you warmer! As appealing as those 7-inch platform boots may be, just remember you will likely be dancing in them for a long time!

3. A fabulous and colorful fanny pack.

Maybe one from Get Yourself Dressed! I like to dance and move around. So, fanny packs are the perfect solution for keeping your arms and shoulders free without having to worry about a bag or annoying your fellow ravers on a packed dance floor.

4. If you are at a camping or overnight festival, always take leggings!

They are the perfect nightwear outfit, especially if they are bright and colorful and glow under neon lights. A onesie is another excellent choice to keep you warm and toasty, especially when you are making your way home at sunrise.

5. Bring safety pins.

These little guys have saved me on numerous occasions when an outfit needs a last minute pin or a quick fix after an over-excited dance move.

6. My DSLR camera goes with me to all festival.

Someone needs to capture the magical moments and I have learned not to rely on my friends.

7. A fake fur jacket.

Preferably a leopard print jacket. It has been my savior on more than one occasion. They go with most outfits and are super warm!

8. Bio-degradable glitter.

Check out Greenpoint Glitter for some eco-friendly sparkles to take a look from casual festive to eye-catching and over the top.

9. More is more.

I live and stand by this motto and have built my collection from this ethos. If you have to ask someone if your outfit is too much, it is not enough.

10. Say yes to color and crazy patterns.

Does it clash? Excellent. Festivals are for dressing up and wearing something different than your usual 9-5 attire. Leave the black at home.

11. Headpieces are everything.

Especially fabulous homemade pieces. But, Indian headdresses are a big no-no!

12. Whatever you do, do not appropriate someone else’s culture!

If it is not yours, then do not wear it. There is no excuse for wearing bindis, American-Indian headdresses, or Daishikis. Enough has been written about this topic that we all know better. Festivals are not an exception to wear what you want if it is an item from another culture. If you see someone doing this, call them out and educate!

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