Glamping: The Glamorous Way of Camping Comes to EDM Festivals

When camping at EDM festivals under a tent is not luxurious enough, there are more glamorous accommodations available. These come complete with four-walls and roof, possibly, a window and maybe even motorized blinds. Glamping, the glamorous side of camping, at EDM festivals has come far from pitching a simple tent. Tipis, Yurts, and other home-like structures are among the camping options available on festival grounds.

Camping vs. Glamping

Glamourous camping: glamping. Its two words put together. Semantics aside, the experience of camping and glamping are similar. Both are available on campgrounds, but their differences are in the level of comfort provided in your chosen accommodation. Go spartan and lay in the dirt underneath a tarp, or pamper yourself with glamping style accommodations much like a hotel room.

Glamping is for anywhere and for anyone with an idea of how comfortable they want to be while camping. As for festival-goers seeking something more than a tent when camping at EDM festivals, the same idea applies and the glamping accommodations run the gamut from tiny tents to lavish lodges.

Glamping at EDM Festivals

EDM festivals like Tomorrowland offers exemplary glamping style options. Within their festival campgrounds called Dreamville are cozy Relax Rooms, spacious Cabanas, modern Ensuites, and marvelous Mansions. Have a look at them in the photos of Dreamville below.

Tomorrowland’s Dreamville Campgrounds


Other EDM festivals like Coachella feature the glamping style campgrounds. This April 2019’s accommodations came from a business local to the Coachella valley called Terra Glamping. The accommodations at the Coachella Safari Campgrounds is quite inviting. Get a glimpse of their homey accommodations in the video below.

A World of Experiences and Making Memories

Glamping at EDM festivals offers a next level experience of the music, EDM culture, that is immersive. If you like to camp, plan your next trip at an EDM festival with camping grounds. This insight, here, is demonstrated among the devotees who encourage the experiencing of the world through festivals.

Camping is a lifestyle option to experience the world often for the great outdoors, but that may entail hiking to the tallest peak. Yet again, the experience just may invite you to try an EDM festival for the first time, or the next time. Whenever the time comes you will make memories. So, make them glamorous. Go glamping and maybe even add some zz plants to your interior to spruce things up.

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