Goldrush Music Festival – Top 10 Essentials To Bring Along with You

Are you going to Goldrush Music Festival? Not sure what to wear or what to bring?

OneEDM has you covered with the top 10 essentials for Goldrush Music Fest, hand picked by Arizona locals and previous attendees. If you think of any other essentials not listed here, let readers know in the comments below! Enjoy!

#10 – Spare Charger

Rawhide Western Town is located on the outskirts of town on Native American Indian territory.  It is separated from the city and surrounded by desert which means cell phone connection can be choppy a lot of the time. This can become a huge issue if your phone is constantly looking for service and it will certainly drain your battery quickly. Make sure your phone has enough juice to keep the pictures and snaps rolling all night long by bringing a handy spare phone charger. It’s a great safety precaution for you and if you see someone struggling, offering your charger could be a lifesaver and a conversation starter.

#9 – Glitter & Jewel Accessories
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It’s not always needed but glitter and glitter accessories can go a long way in sprucing up your Goldrush attire. You can buy cosmetic glitter or jewels for the face and body, wear sequin or holographic type clothing, or jazz it up with shiny accessories like hats, chains, and body jewel stickers. Attendees can buy glitter and glitter glue on Amazon for a decent price, make sure it’s okay for the face. There is also glitter gel, like unicorn snot or sanazroo to avoid having the extra mess of glue. Show off your creativity and shine like gold or other bright colors to catch that special someone’s eye or just to stand out in the crowd when the stage lights circle around.

#8 – Desert Environment Essentials

The climate in Arizona is HOT and it’s not cooling down any time soon. Rawhide Event Center is situated on tribal land with little sun coverage and large amounts of dust. Here are some essentials to have in your pack during this hot and dry weather:

Chapstick – For those dry lips! Chapstick is a great way to rehydrate the lips and it’s usually SPF protected.

Sunscreen – This is a great one for early festival-goers. It will be hot out during the day and the sun’s UV index is very high here in AZ. So you burn quickly. Anything to protect and shade your skin will help in preventing skin cancer.

Sunglasses – This is great protection during the day from the sun’s UV rays ruining your eyes but it can also double as a great night tool for people who often feel blinded by the bright LED lights on stage!

Wet Wipes – The dust will be your biggest problem. It’s like sand – it gets everywhere! Packing some wet wipes to wipe down your face, hands, or messes is very clutch and it’s a great way to keep you clean and looking sharp.

Kleenex – Like I said, dust will be everywhere. Kleenexes are probably one of the best items to pack when preparing for Goldrush Music Fest. Dust is consistently getting inside the nostrils and mouth. If you’re the type to cheer or belt out the words to your favorite song, that dust can be a huge factor in losing your voice the next day. Be smart, just blow your nose every few hours and that will help prevent sickness or voice loss.


#7 – Electrolyte Powder

Nothing dehydrates your body quicker than hot temperatures and lots of physical movement. If you plan to dance, run, skip, or wild out at Goldrush Music Festival then make it a point to keep your electrolyte in-take up. Electrolytes are chemicals that form in body fluids. They carry necessary energy to vital functions of the body. Compare electrolytes to the motor oil in your car, it doesn’t make the car run per say but it is vital to keep running smoothly. These functions can include muscle contractions, transmission of nerve impulses, and help in the process of generating energy. They also are really helpful in preventing muscle cramps. Whether it be drinking a Gatorade usually up for purchase at the venue or picking up some Pedialyte powder to bring along – it’s important to maintain that internal homeostasis. Find out more about Electrolyte imbalance, uses, and supplementation here.

#6 – Corsets/Vests

Picture yourself, draping through the western town, standing tall and beautiful in a fancy western style corset. This staple attire of the Goldrush era is a bombshell outfit for women attending the Goldrush Music Festival. How many times have you been able to wear a corset? This is the perfect excuse to break out the sexy lingerie, garter belt, and straps. Get creative and accessorize by adding feathers, lace, or tights. Men, you can throw on any vest and make that typical shirt “western” themed. Women love it when a man dresses appropriately for the occasion!

#5 – Hand fan

Hand fans are a huge accessory for Arizona concert goers. Temperatures in the valley will be hot and it does not cool off very much at night. Hand fans are a gem for people who love the front row but hate the very little airflow they get. Those stages get jam-packed with sweaty EDM fans. A little air movement can go a long way in helping both you and the crowd to cool off. The fans also double as an awesome dance accessory and a great conversation starter for helping those exhausted fans who might be really hot. It’s a great feeling when people are so appreciative of your fanning efforts.

#4 –  Top Hat / Cowboy Hats / Snapbacks & Umbrellas

This is a big one, especially if you plan to be there early. Doors open around 4 p.m. Sometimes there is a line, leaving you to sit outside in the scorching sun until people start moving. It’s hot here in Arizona and with a high UV index, it’s a good idea to bring some sort of hat to protect your face and scalp from sunburn. Cowboy hats would fit in with the western theme perfectly! Plus, depending on your choice of hat color, you can represent a law-abiding citizen (white) or a lawbreaker (black) as well. If you feel you can’t rock a cowboy hat, there are several other options for finding shade like a snapback hat or umbrella, which can be stored away when it gets dark. Be creative, get fancy with your design or style, and add a feather to spruce it up! People will appreciate your ingenuity!

#3 – Nice Pair of Walking Shoes

OneEDM cannot stress the need for comfortable shoes during Goldrush AZ. Since the venue is set in a western town there are a lot of places to explore, stages to walk to, and uneven terrain. Not to mention the multitude of dust. It would be highly suggested to wear something close-toed and okay to get dirty. In years past there were also interactive areas like bull riding and rock climbing so if you plan to partake in any of the fun activities planned, definitely find some old sneakers or boots you don’t mind scuffing up.

#2 – Hydration Pack

This was one of the top contenders because hydration in the desert is vital! With all the dancing, exploring, and walking you’ll be doing, do your body some good and bring a hydration pack with you. There are several different brands and styles of hydration packs including fanny packs and backpacks. When your body senses dehydration it can create a miserable environment for yourself. Your muscles cramp. Your internal temperature is compromised. Left unattended it can cause overheating, exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke.

Hydration packs are an easy and very accessible way to water while deep in the crowd. It lessens the need for leaving the stage, it gives you a place to store items, and it’s going the extra mile to protect yourself while you enjoy the night’s festivities.

#1 – Mask or Bandana

Bandanas and masks are chosen as the top essential by previous Goldrush attendees and AZ festival goers. It can be extremely dusty while out in Rawhide’s western town. People will be shuffling around and kicking the dust up so there is no doubt by the end of the night you will find dust caked everywhere. This does not mean it has to affect your nasal passages. With a bandana or mask, you lessen the risk of inhaling dangerous particle matter from the soil and it can help curbside shortness of breath caused by dust building up in the nose. It’s a great solution for those who suffer from asthma or desert allergies because it stops harmful contaminants from getting anywhere near the nasal passages.

On multiple occasions, people have complained about blowing their nose after visiting Rawhide and finding brown and black particles the next day. Eww, gross right? Be smart, wearing a mask or bandana can keep you happy and healthy. Plus the bandana goes perfect with the western theme and could complete your perfect cowboy/cowgirl attire!

About Goldrush Music Festival

Want to experience a weekend in the heart of gold mining country as Relentless Beats decorate Rawhide Western Town in Chandler, AZ full of cowboys, corsets, and gold during Goldrush Music Festival? Both days will feature a western themed town with four stages of talent across beautiful Native American ran event grounds. Attendees will expect to hear amazing talent like Deadmau5, Illenium, Steve Aoki, Deorro, Louis the Child, Kevin Gates, Rich the Kid, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and more! Expect to see wagons, saloons, bull-riding, and more as we celebrate the west, electronic dance music style.

Join the excitement, tickets are still on sale and can be found here.

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