How to Master the Coachella Look In 9 Easy Steps

1 – Know your attitude:

Boho? Grunge? Trendy? Chic? Your Coachella outfit is the ultimate representation of your taste in music so why not show it off to its fullest! Knowing your genre and knowing the style is key when deciding on your look, especially when thinking of new rave outfit ideas. If hardcore isn’t your preference, then don’t try to force the look. Feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear is the first step!

2 – Band Tees:

Everyone has a band tee (and if you don’t run to your nearest Hot Topic) so learning to make yours interesting in your look. Pairing a BT with a jacket always signifies cool; be it denim, leather, members only, or even a blazer, this look seals the deal with BTs. Or pay homage to our punk ancestors and match it with tartan shirts and scarves. Make your BT look as personal as possible, since we all know there can be only ONE ultimate fan, and that’s you.

3 – Shoes:

Put on your red shoes and dance! Ok maybe not specifically red, but make sure your shoes are comfortable. You will be standing for hours, and hopefully dancing even more! Though wanting to wear sandals can be very tempting, it’s best not to (I sometimes feel bad when I step on a person’s toes wearing flip flops to a festival… sometimes). The classic go to is a nice pair of Chuck Taylors, they literally go with any outfit.

4 – Trendy or Stylish?

Personal style is always important in life, and especially important during festival season. I always advocate for being stylish; create your own looks, go with your gut instincts. However, some people do need a guide once in a while (very much like this article) so look for inspiration in others! H&M has a great selection of trendy and affordable looks, as well as a full on Coachella catalogue. Tumblr and Pinterest have been my go-to sources for Coachella inspiration since their curators pride themselves on their uniqueness. But never ever copy a look from head to toe! You can be trendy and still be original. 

5 – Sunglasses

Now, this is always the most important part of my festive looks. The sun here in New York is harsh, so in California, it’s a whole different story so sunglasses play a huge role. If sticking to trends, then rose gold aviators with mirrored lenses are key. They’re extremely popular, lightweight, and stick to your face like glue (so they work well for head banging). Another popular and borderline classic pair of headgear is a simple black Ray Ban original. These glasses are basically the uniform choice in California because they are simple, cool, and excellent for blocking the sun. They too fit like a glove and are pretty heavy so won’t slide around your face. If anything, I always think a nice pair of aviators helps complete any outfit. Then again, this is Coachella so get creative. 

6 – Hair

Festival hair is always tricky since you want to have something that’s cool, but easy to maintain and will keep its hold throughout the day. For girls, braids are not only always fashionable but excellent for control. And the fun part about braids is that there are many different styles: The milkmaid braid is perfect for the Boho look, the fishtail creates amazing effects if you have multi-colored hair, the classic four strand ponytail if you want to keep it simple, and even cornrows if you’re ready to get in formation! For girls, there are endless styles of braids ( literally over 100 so there are many concepts and ideas you can go for. If you want to keep your hair down, I suggest an excellent dry shampoo and conditioner since it’s easy for hair to go dry and flat during a festival. For guys, I always suggest short sweet and to the point. However, I know many guys are curious about trying hair colors, so use this festival (or any festival) to try a different color! There are many temporary hair dyes that last for a few days and washes out. 

7 – Deodorant

Everyone needs it. End of story. (If you’re a heavy sweater try carrying a travel size
one in your pocket or bag. Also, make sure it’s a clear one. Nothing is worse than having a hairy armpit of white deodorant) 

8 – #SquadGoals

Hopefully, you’re going to Coachella with friends, and nothing screams Squad Goals like a group of stylish people. Use the upcoming days to go shopping with friends and find cohesive looks for everyone. Even though it’s natural to want to look your best, it’s never fun to be under or over dressed when with your friends. Hopefully, you’re going to Coachella with friends, and nothing screams Squad Goals like a group of stylish people. Use the upcoming days to go shopping with friends and find cohesive looks for everyone. Even though it’s natural to want to look your best, it’s never fun to be under or over dressed when with your friends.

9 – Bags

Many people forget how important the perfect festival bag is. If you have a bag, your will instantly become everyone’s best friend (since they will need someone to hold their stuff)! My personal go to’s is my black LOVE mini book bag (courtesy of Macy’s) and my pink Kenzo mini messenger. The size of your bag is very important since you don’t want something too big where you can’t dance, but you want to be able to hold your essentials. Your essentials are; phone, wallet, keys, portable charger. Anything else is extra (cigarettes, lighters, cameras, etc.) so always keep this in mind. Due to the latest 90’s revival, fanny packs are making a comeback and are literally perfect for holding essentials (unless you have an iPhone 7+ #TheStruggleIsReal). I also suggest something bright and colorful. Not only because it’s a festival, but because it’s easy to find in case you lose it! 

Bonus – Finally… just have fun. It’s Coachella! 

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