Music Festival Camping Activites

There is nothing better after a long night of headbanging than a good night’s rest. Especially when that magical slumber is right on the ground of a hypnotic music festival. In addition to beautiful music, art, food, and memories festivals hold campgrounds to completely immerse oneself in the experience. Camping on the festival ground allows for an exponential amount of fun and games compared to Airbnb and hotels.

Reasons to love camping

First and foremost is having neighbors, being social is key to having a good time at a festival. A healthy amount of festival goers are usually alone and that can make for meeting some pretty interesting people. Introduce yourself once camp gets set up, maybe even bring some extra food to offer along with some drinks. Talk about the amazing music that was being played and argue who had the best set. Talk about trendy rave outfit ideas as well. It really does not matter if one is camping alone or in a group, leaving with more friends is going to happen.


Camping grounds are usually always hosting fun and interesting activities. Silent discos are a popular choice for those not wanting the party to end. Have not heard of a silent disco before? Well there pretty straightforward, everyone wears headphones that are connected to the same DJ. This enables the insomniacs to keep partying while those who want a good night’s rest can sleep peacefully.

On top of silent discos, there are fun morning events that are usually held before the first main event. Most festivals have yoga for those who need to unwind and relax from the prior day. We have all been in the state of mind where raving for another day does not seem possible.

An activity that can be found on camp but really is not hosted by the festival itself is meditation. There is usually a group on site that is down for a big group meditation ceremony. Getting the mind cleared and inset for the big event ahead is key to some. Also, meditation is extremely healthy and does increase over wellness.

Transformational workshops are also on standby at most festival campsites. Workshops like these are especially beneficial because they can totally change anyone’s perspectives. Some of these benefits include reaching a whole new level to recognize change, reflect on and/or let go of the past, and enter into a “not knowing” period. This allows the mind to open up to countless new possibilities.

A well-known activity that anyone can join in on is a special craft area. Arts and crafts and be for anyone just be creative and learn from others. Try and make something special or just use it as a bonding experience.

Interested in music lessons?

Music lessons for a vast amount of instruments can be found on sight at some festivals. Woodwind and guitars are some of the most commonly found. Woodwind consisting of flutes, clarinets, and saxophones are all popular choices to play for others. Guitars are of course in abundance at music festival camping grounds. Acoustic and Ukulele (learn here, are among the most common. Ukuleles are a great choice to bring camping for the pure fact of portability and elegance. Easy to play and easy to learn, can not get better than that.

Have fun and be safe

Of course, the most important thing about camping at a music festival is to be safe and find out more. Plan accordingly and make sure to read the do’s and don’ts of the festival being attended. Above all else, make smart decisions and allow the mind and body to relax and have fun. Check out Camping Forge for quality camp gear.

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