Rave Outfit Inspiration for 2020 – Plan Your Next Festival

With the festival season being delayed due to COVID-19, ravers are needing to replan their rave clothing for a new season. Major festivals that were supposed to happen in the next few weeks have been postponed until fall months, including Coachella, Stagecoach, Bonnaroo, and Rolling Loud. Many other festivals, as well as concerts, have been just flat out canceled. COVID-19 has been negatively influencing the music scene. Now, more than ever, ravers need something positive to look forward to in order to keep up their morale, especially when it comes to their festival fashion.

Festivals are known as a place where individuals can express themselves with artistic make-up looks and bold outfits while having a great time with others of similar interests. Trends get introduced by influencers and attendees alike each year at these events from i heart raves.

So, what are the trends of 2020 festivals and where can you get items to perfect your rave outfits?

The perfect rave outfit blends comfortability, practicality, and fashion trends to create a unique piece. Bright colors, fun patterns, and bold statement pieces are all things that will bring your outfits to the next level. Let’s go in order from head to toe.


Both are very important in terms of shielding you from the sun and dust that you encounter on most festival grounds. While these items are practical, they can also be used to add extra elements to your outfits. Diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses can also take your visual experience to the next level.


Additionally, any seasoned raver will tell you bandanas are always your friend. Since bandanas have so many uses, it comes as no surprise that they’re always floating around raves. Whether you go for the traditional tie-up or the seamless slip over, a bandana is a great addition to your rave outfit.

Tops and Bottoms

Depending on your preferences, you may choose to go with rave two piece sets, individuals, or a bodysuit. Remember to choose festival outfits you feel good in!

J Valentine’s light up bodysuits are awesome. While they are on the pricier side of ravewear, they are durable and unique. I get compliments left and right when I’m wearing mine!


The key to being able to rage all day is making sure you’re comfortable on your feet. Make sure you can wear your shoe choice all day without discomfort!


I know, this doesn’t seem like something you should consider for your festival outfit, but I can’t stress this enough: wear earplugs! A common misconception is that the earplugs take away from your experience. There are brands out there that make earplugs specifically for concerts and trust me, you will still hear the music.


Unless someone in your rave fam is willing to carry everything for you, you’re going to need a way to hold your things. However, consider yourself lucky if you don’t need to add a pack to your festival outfit!

This list will get you started on some ideas. My outfit planning usually takes about a month to perfect! I add all of the items I might want into my cart, and then I go through figuring out which items work well together. Etsy also features many small business owners with great design skills that are worth checking out! In addition to the sites that are already linked Little Black Diamond is an awesome place to find pieces. Happy shopping!

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