Shop, Style, and Design: The Top 5 Fashion Apps Every Fashionista Needs

With 2.1 million apps available in Android’s app store alone, there really is an app for everything. While the sheer number of options ensures there’s something for everyone, it can also make it harder to find the best apps.

Let’s face it—who has time to search through dozens or even hundreds of apps, looking for one that’s just right? Luckily, we’ve done the work for you, so you don’t have to.

Are you looking for the best fashion apps to help you stay on trend? Then keep reading as we dive into 5 apps every fashionista needs.

1. The Hunt

Have you ever seen the perfect top, but didn’t know where to find it? Whether you saw it on a stranger, during fashion week, or in a magazine, The Hunt makes finding it easier than ever.

Just snap a pic and upload it onto the app. The Hunt community can then help you track it down!

2. Finery

We’ve all been there—you spend what seems like hours trying on different combinations of your clothes, looking for the perfect outfit to wear. But what if we told you there is an easier way?

Start by creating a virtual closet on Finery. You can then organize it and put different outfits together with the touch of a finger. It’s so personalized, you’ll feel like you were the app creator behind it!

3. Tailor

Finery is great when you already have a good grasp on your personal style, but what can you do if you’re new to the fashionista lifestyle?

Tailor has personal stylists that can give you valuable and personalized style advice. You can also shop various retailers through the app instead of having to check out their sites individually.

4. ThredUP

Achieving a wardrobe full of your favorite brands is the goal, but it’s not always easy to achieve. If you’re looking for high-end clothes on a budget, thredUP will be your new best friend.

They have a wide selection of stylish, gently-worn clothes that they sell for a fraction of the price of new pieces. Think of them as a high-end thrift shop.

Although the clothes are used, they’re in excellent shape. You can even find some that are new with the tags still attached. Plus, you can sell your gently-used clothes to tredUp to give yourself some shopping money.

5. Pinterest

If you’re not already on Pinterest, your long overdue. You can find an endless amount of fashion images to help inspire your wardrobe.

Once you find an image you like, you can then save it to your “board” (think of it as an online photo album). You can also organize your boards based on season or style to make things easier.

Many of these images link to stores where you can buy the outfits you love so much. If the particular image you found isn’t linked to a store, no problem! There’s a handy visual search function that allows you to find other images of the same or similar outfit which may be linked to a store.

Best Fashion Apps

Don’t settle for flipping through magazines any longer. The best fashion apps can help you organize your wardrobe, put new pieces together, get inspiration for new outfits, and buy fashionable clothes with ease.

Are you wondering how to dress for an upcoming party or festival? Then check out these tips from Emma Baker herself. Check out SlotsWise if you need a break from fashion.

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