Swedish House Mafia Apparel by Designer Virgil Abloh

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Swedish House Mafia will suppply fan-wear from online store

Swedish House Mafia Apparel

Amidst the exciting reunion of Swedish House Mafia comes SHM apparel. The trio has appointed designer Virgil Abloh to design clothes in honor of the acclaimed house-music act. Among the designs is Nike merchandise, such as the iconic Nike Air Force 1’s.

Swedish House Mafia


With the reformation of Swedish House Mafia comes the need for re-branding. This calls for marketing the Swedish House Mafia Apparel in effect to perpetuate the spirit of this legendary electronic-music group. Although the shoes are not yet available for purchase, be forwarned that this picture is worth a thousand words.

Sources state:

This is merely a step in the creative re-branding process.

This certainly seems like there is a promise for more. For those curious eyes that expect to see more, view the Swedish House Mafia Apparel from the online store.

SHM Apparel

Sport your spirit for Swedish House Mafia with a t-shirt made in their honor. Instagram photos showcase what is best described as a mock-up of the designs Virgil Abloh is undertaking in the rebranding process. Although, time will tell what kinds of apparel hit the online store. However, one can expect great designs. Have a glimpse of the t-shirt mock-up below.


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Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is a high-fashion designer from America. He also runs his own fashion concept called Off-White. Equally important, his style is less about the off-white and more about the expression of all the grey in between. His talent is without a doubt an extraordinary gift.

Furthermore, Swedish House Mafia is going to share that gift with fans in the upcoming release of SHM Apparel on the online store. Fans will love the clothes in addition to wearing them in the name of Swedish House Mafia. As Instagram counts them, there are 74,494 likes for Abloh’s t-shirt mock-up as featured above.

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