The Best Festival Fashion Trends for 2021

Festival season is back and here are the festival fashion trends to know about in 2021.

Festival season is finally back which means it’s time to start dusting off the clothing wracks and disco stompers. After some digging and researching, the festival fashion trends for 2021 are finally here and they are to die for! Not to mention, there are some amazing small businesses to support out there too, all linked below for easy access.

Face Masks

Clearly, an easy one given the world is working through a national pandemic. Masks are truly going to be the perfect “accessory” this year to accent outfits. Not to mention- they keep people safe (which is cool)! The great part is that there are tons of different kinds out there, even disposable ones if that’s the overall preference.

Trend Prediction:
  • Reworked face masks
  • Chain & eyelet accents
  • Tye-dye
  • Outfit / Pattern matching
  • Ultimate accent colors
festival fashion trends 2021

Y2K Inspired

This trend has been making a huge come-back this year. Not only has Y2K and 90’s styles bled into every day trends but it’s here for the long-haul when it comes to the festival fashion trends for 2021. This trend is going to range from accessories, all the way to the outfits. Think acrylic chains and charms, fuzzy bags/coats/hats, gloves, and more.

Trend Prediction:
  • Acrylic chains
  • Nomad Kandi
  • Acrylic Charms
  • ‘Hippie’ insipred themes (rainbows, flowers, etc.)
  • Fuzzy bags, coats, and hats
  • Gloves
  • ‘Gummy’ Jewelry
  • Proton pants

festival fashion trends 2021


Slow-fashion is the goal! Finding something old and finding a way to love it again is the best feeling. Not to mention, the price point (depending on what one is willing to do themselves in terms of DIY) can be pretty reasonable too! Another winner about re-worked clothing is that’s it is typically one of a kind! Long-gone are the days of running around festivals wearing the exact same thing as someone else.

Trend Prediction:
  • Patchwork joggers/sweatshirts
  • Tye-dye / re-dye shirts and pants
  • Safety pins
  • Acishwash
  • ‘Cut & Tie’

festival fashion trends 2021

Asymmetrical Cuts

Asymmetrical cuts have been a part of the festival trends for a while now, but so many creators are bringing back some more ‘original’ cuts. It is amazing. The best part about a lot of them is that they’re flattering for almost every body type- love it! Not to mention, the cuts give the outfits a little more daring edge.

Trend Prediction:
  • ‘Waist-floss’
  • Open back
  • Cut-out bodysuits, tops, bottoms

Small/Mini Bags

Small and mini bags are one the best trends to come back for festival season 2021. Although they are not the most ideal, they do force one to bring what matters most! Not to mention, you can always find someone else in your festival group that can hold the ‘extra’ items that won’t fit in the bag.

Trend Prediction:
  • Fannypacks
  • Tactical pouches
  • Thigh/hip harnesses
  • Cross-over slings

festival fashion trends 2021
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