Three Ways to Celebrate An Anniversary with An EDM Fan

Anniversary gift options for EDM fans

Whether you met through a shared love of EDM, or if your partner still refers to it as Electronic Dance Music because they are not quite sure why you are so enthusiastic about it, finding the best gift to celebrate your anniversary does not have to be a great challenge, even if it feels like it now. In fact, here are three great ways to celebrate an anniversary with an EDM fan so that you both have a day to remember. 

Fashion over function 

For EDM fans, hoodies are a crop tops with a hood, with quirkiness that is more important than function. For more rave outfit ideas, you can also get T-shirts from the larger EDM festivals or merchandise from their favourite artists. New EDM fashion also includes a nod back to the 1990s with retro pants that are both spacious and comfortable. 

Clothes or accessories with bright and visually stunning designs are another great idea.  If you are looking for 3 year anniversary gift ideas a traditional gift is leather symbolising flexible durability. Gift a leather bikini top or vegan leather-rainbow reflective platform lace-up boots or for something unique consider a natural rose picked at the peak of perfection and dipped in silver or gold.   

LED lights 

At the core of EDM culture is bright, colourful lights, and high energy, intense dancing which is what makes up so much of the excitement at festivals and concerts. Gift an upgrade to several glow sticks fashioned into a necklace with a hula hoop lit by LEDs and a rechargeable battery they can take from rave to rave.

Gloves, orbit lights and poi balls

Rapidly moving and fluid LEDs are said to heighten the zen state of transcendental auditory and visual bliss of EDM. Try some LED light gloves that turn their hands into a trippy light display. Alternatively, gift an orbit light toy where you spin a shining disc of LED orbit lights in circular patterns around the body, leaving light trails similar to LED poi balls, but with more velocity and control and although they have been around for a while, they are now recognised as a real art form.

Kaleidoscopic glasses 

It is the lights and other visual effects that make EDM festivals that lifts the auditory assault, and kaleidoscopic rave glasses takes this to a whole new level.  Also available as goggles, ski masks and visors, it is perhaps the heart-shaped frames that would make the best gift for your anniversary with a complete colour spectrum and a multitude of different modes, a rechargeable battery pack, different brightness levels, a pocket-sized remote control.

The music


Whilst the sales of albums continue to fall over the years, there has been a steady increase in the sale of vinyl LPs. Celebrate your anniversary with a collectable record not only for its music but for the cover art. There are plenty of stories on and offline where you can search out something special. For the Above & Beyond fan, search out the Common Ground limited edition 3 LP box set with coloured vinyl and you have one of only 500 sets in the world. 


If you want to celebrate your anniversary with an EDM fan, the best gift of all is probably tickets to an EDM festival. Visit the biggest festivals like Tomorrowland in Belgium, considered the largest electronic music festival in the world, though Electric Daisy Carnival in the United States fights for the title, featuring DJs such as Afrojack, Kaskade, Tiesto and others. 

There are indoor festivals like Sensation, in Amsterdam, which has two EDM events where famous DJs are booked. Taking place on the first Saturday in July, Sensation White requires all attendees to wear white, and the Amsterdam ArenA itself is decorated to match. The next weekend is Sensation Black where you dress completely in black.

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