Top 10 Fall/Winter Festival Fashion Trends Of 2018

Just because festival season is over, doesn’t mean you can’t rock your favorite rave gear during the chilly season. Watching your favorite DJs and enjoying the attractions at festivals is only part of the experience. Dressing up in your favorite rave gear and showing off your unique fashion sense is a great addition to the overall experience. Although it may not be a good idea to rock a sparkly bikini, or shorts and pasties, there are ample ways to look festive and fashionable during this winter season at raves.

Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry we got you covered with our top 10 picks for popular and trendy fall/winter festival attire:

Galaxy Printed Hoodies:

Stay warm with this multicolored,  handcrafted all-over print hoodie whether you’re at a camping festival or warehouse rave. 

Fuzzy Light-Up Hood

Own the night with this fuzzy light up hood. It’s perfect to keep your head warm during those chilly nights, yet still stylish to grab any attention on the dance floor. 

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Enhance your viewing pleasure with kaleidoscope glasses and experience your favorite DJ’s lasers and visuals in a whole new way. 

Floral Printed Onsie

Not only is this outfit perfect for bedtime, but definitely stylish and warm, giving you comfort all night long. 

Velvet Choker

Bring back the eighties and nineties vibes by accessorizing with your favorite choker, giving you a classic yet fashionable look. 

LED Light-Up Sneakers

Light up the dance floor with a pair of LED light-up sneakers and give some extra sass in your amazing dance moves. 

Super Soft Sherpa Hooded Blankets

For those of you who like the feeling of not leaving your bed, bring this extra soft and comfy hoodie blanket to any rave or festival and stay warm throughout the long nights. 

Tripped Out Bandanas

Accessorize your face with a variety of patterned bandanas to give yourself a mysterious look while protecting yourself from the cold, dust and wind. 

Skull Bags

Don’t forget your important personal belongings and pack them in a stylish, multi-colored skull bag that pops out in any large crowd. 

Premium Floral Bomber Jacket

Stay warm with a trendy bomber jacket that’s light enough to allow you to dance, yet heavy enough to keep you warm on any chilly night. 

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