Top 15 Festival Essentials Checklist

With all of the biggest festivals now dropping their lineups for the summer, it is time to prepare for the onslaught we call festival season. Time and time again we all notice that person that is brutally underprepared for the festival. The last thing you want is to be that one person in your group that looks like their going anywhere but a music festival.

There are many key essentials that all festival-goers need in order to have a successful festival experience. From keeping your phone that probably will not get any signal alive to simply staying alive via hydration here is a list of your must-haves approaching the festival season.

Festival Hydration

The number one mistake festival attendees make is not staying hydrated throughout the day. Anyone that has attended a music festival has seen someone end up in the dreaded medical tent because of dehydration. There is a simple solution to staying out of the medical tent, drink more water. Water will be the key to your festival survival.

Walking up to any festival around the world you will see an influx of people with some hydration pack on their backs. So join the trend and invest in some sort of hydration pack such as RaveRunner. We recently called it the best festival hydration pack.

festival hydration

Some of these water bottles and hydration packs may be a bit pricey, it still saves you the trouble of missing out on an experience because you spent the entire time in the medical tent. Many festival friendly hydration packs can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $19.

Shop Hydration Under $30

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Comfortable Shoes

Might be stating the obvious here but the last thing you want to be wearing are uncomfortable shoes at a festival. Spending an entire day in a pair of uncomfortable shoes will lead to a week of unwanted foot pain.

Examples of horrible shoe selections include dress shoes, any open toe shoes (you will get stepped on), any expensive shoe you care about. So the best advice on festival shoe selection would be to wear comfortable shoes you do not care about ruining. One may include a pair of old running shoes that you do not use anymore because of a failed new years resolution.

Click here for our list on the best festival shoes

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You attend a festival to live in the moment and see the performers you paid a fair amount to see. The last thing you want to deal with is to be blinded by the sun for an extensive amount of time.

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Portable Charger

The end of the day you realize that you have lost everyone you were with and your phone is dead. While you may not be able to get any service at the festival, your phone may be your only way home.

Charging your phone can truly be a life saver at the end of the festival. While everyone is exiting the festival looking like a scene out of The Walking Dead, you can be getting an Uber home. Check out some affordable options for portable chargers here.

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Let’s be real here, nobody wants to be next to someone in a crowd and smell their hot stinky breath. Simple solution: Chew gum, a lot of it.

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Any regular festival-goer knows that these can truly be a lifesaver for your ears. With the state of the art sound systems that these festivals have comes the potential for damage to your hearing. Unless you want to constantly be saying “what” because you have hearing loss after the fest, wear earplugs.

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Music festivals provide an experience that is often unforgettable (even if it was Fyre fest). With those great experiences comes plenty of opportunities to buy various merchandise items as well as food and drinks. Since you are at a venue a lot of these items are marked up in price so it is crucial to bring some spending money. A lot of festivals are now including cashless options to avoid having to carry cash or cards on you.

Average Festival Prices Via Lollapalooza


With majority of music festivals taking place in the peak of the summer sunscreen is a key essential. Many festival attendees often wake up the morning after the event with the same skin complexion as a tomato. Do not put your self through that pain. Apply sunscreen throughout the day.

Hand Fans

Anyone who had attended a music festival knows that it gets crowded and very hot. Even the slightest bit of air helps cope with the immense heat that comes with crowed festivals.

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Baby Wipes

With any music festival, you and everything that you are wearing will get dirty. Baby wipes can come in handy more times than you may think and should be an essential piece of festival gear.

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Hand Sanitizer

Along with baby wipes, hand sanitizer can be another toiletry that can truly be a lifesaver. The amount of things one touches throughout a day at a music festival can eventually lead to an endless amount of unknown bacteria on your hands. Don’t become patient zero and include Hand sanitizer in your music festival packing list.

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Toilet Paper

Hygiene is an important factor in having a successful festival weekend. Countless times there will be that one Porto-potty or bathroom facility that either has horrible dirty one-ply or simply does not have toilet paper at all. Toilet paper, preferably two-ply is absolutely necessary on the festival checklist.

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Sleeping Bag

A large portion of music festivals include camping the last thing you want is to be sleeping on the festival grounds. Believe it or not, you need to get some sort of rest in order to make it through the weekend, so add a sleeping bag to your festival camping checklist.

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Fanny Pack

You may be asking where am i supposed to store all of this festival gear? Fanny packs have become a common essential in any festival-goers checklist and its small enough to where it will not bother you in crowds.

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Music festivals present an opportunity for attendees to express themselves and enjoy new or familiar music. The last thing anyone wants is negative vibes from other festival-goers. A positive attitude and an open mind can make the festival experience exponentially better for everyone. To find out more gadgets to pack head to Gadget Flow.

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