The Ushuaïa Collection: Fashion for the World

Ushuaïa Collection

The Ushuaïa Collection provides the best global experience to its familiar EDM fan base of Ushuaïa Ibiza

The Ushuaïa Collection

Brand Ambition

Best Concept in Music

Ushuaïa Ibiza is not just a venue with a stage, or a hotel with perks, or a place on a map, it is so much more about being the best concept in music. Such an aspiration to be the best comes from among the spirited team behind the brands clothing line called the Ushuaïa Collection. In the team’s own words, they say that their ambition is to inspire the world with their pride for music:

A great team working with passion to deliver the best Ushuaïa Collection Global Experience.

The Ushuaïa Collection takes on a mission to inspire pride in the brand all over the world. Furthermore, the pride in the brand is pride in music. The Ushuaïa Collection is exemplary in expressing such pride in music as the source inspiration for clothing line are the EDM festivals held at the namesake’s venue in Ibiza.

 Ushuaïa Collection

 Discover the Ushuaïa Collection

Supplying fashion-forward clothing for stylish men, women, and children, too. The clothing suits casual, and formal occasions. Also, the collection offers accessories and technology to outfit the practical matters in the everyday routine: towel dry after the pool, gym bags for the active lifestyle, pack it up with your new clothes and save those selfies in your new gear on an official Ushuaïa Ibiza Bird Flash Drive. The Ushuaïa Collection is a thorough product line with something for everybody, from any time essentials, to lifestyle specific needs. See for yourself from the official online store.

 Ushuaïa Collection

Product Line

Clothing and Accessories

The Ushuaïa Collection product line is extensive. Clothing for putting your best foot forward, to extras and necessities such as brand patches and companion items for electronics among the technology items. The product line summary list, below, reveals a thorough collection of clothing for men, women, and children as well as accessories.







Peruse the articles on the iconic Ushuaïa Collection online or the official magazine. From the archives, an article from 2014 captures the spirit of this brand and its global presence aboard an Air Europa aircraft. So, look out, this fashion show’s runway is landing an airplane.

 Ushuaïa Collection

Ushuaïa Collection Fashion on Air is just one of many bold statements of this brand’s initiative to be the best concept in music. Also, the magazine shows the vision of the head designer of the Ushuaïa Collection, Laura Be. Another bold statement telling the brand’s spirit comes from her humorous product warning labels. See the image below for example.

Ushuaïa Collection

Near the end of the product warning statement are guiding words in the proper care of Ushuaïa Collection garments:

Care for it as if it were your baby…

As the saying goes, “only the best for a baby”, the kind of care for these clothes is meant to be only the best. Caring customers can find clothes from the Ushuaïa Collection in the stores of Ibiza and online. The summer 2018 festival season kicks off on May 19, 2018, for its opening party at Ushuaïa Ibiza. Time to shop for your new festival clothes from the Ushuaïa Collection. Go and get them.

Ushuaïa Collection

Connect with the Ushuaïa Collection

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