What to Wear to a Spring Techno Show

With the unfortunate loss of Mysteryland this year, NYC techno fans are missing out on a major summer experience. Fortunately however, we have HYTE just around the corner. The last time (well, first time) I went to HYTE, I wore the techno uniform; all black. Techno fashion isn’t a form of dress, but it is a lifestyle.

For us Techno Snobs, black isn’t just a form of dress, but it is truly a way of life. Our souls, like our music, are dark, black and empty- but full of everything! However, I made a New Year’s Resolution this year, and it was… yes… TO WEAR LESS BLACK! So I found myself questioning, what on Earth will I wear to HYTE then? My departure from my black fabric roots left me exploring the dance world in color, and fortunately one of my favorite stores, Zara, decided to take a step away from black as well (all outfits shown below courtesy of Zara).

If you’ve ever been to a techno show, you may notice that everyone loves Japanese motifs; paper fans, kimonos, sake (at the pregame), and kanji printed shirts. The Japanophilia in techno is absolutely real, and I love it.


Kimonos are the best thing to wear to a techno show. In NYC, the summer nights are pretty cool, and most shows go from late afternoon to late afternoon the next day. Sporting a light kimono over a summer outfit not only adds a high fashion edge to your outfit, but also comes in handy when it starts to get cold at night. Zara just released a collection of colorful, floral kimonos (I know, florals for spring, how ground breaking), that translate well from day to night, and will create beautiful shapes when dancing.      

Sweet Suits

For some reason, techno and house are often viewed as the high end of electronic music, and often turn into their own little fashion show. I mean, come on, Rick and Morty T-Shirts at a Bassnectar show is not really high fashion. So sometimes, the unconventionally cool outfit makes a big statement. Yes, I am telling you to wear a suit! OK, not a tuxedo, or some power broker law firm suit, but something that says “I read V Magazine, and love Richie Hawtin”. As a professional “suit to party” dresser, trust me, it’s not always uncomfortable to dance in a suit, but very conventional. Plus, think of all the pockets you’ll have to hold your stuff (hence why I love wearing a suit/jacket to a show). For women, most suits and jackets are pretty light weight, but for men, try a linen suit, or linen top coat with shorts. It has the right amount of edge, but still the ease that we all want in a summer look. Or, if you want to wear a tuxedo, why not a Canadian one? …Which leads into my next topic.



I’m not going to lie, I am the biggest denim hater ever (yes, I said it, I HATE denim). But I hate denim on me. On others, I love it! I’ll never forge, at a Maceo Plex day show, I saw a guy in light denim jeans, and a light blue t-shirts with white clouds on it. The outfit honestly made me feel like I was dressed wrong (I was in all black). There is just something about light denim in the summer that screams “I LOVE LIFE!”. Maybe it’s the ease, maybe it’s the absolute simplicity, and that’s the original idea of wearing all black, simplicity! Minimalism. A white t-shirt and light denim jeans is the second side of the coin when it comes to wearing all black and a v neck tee. It just works. Oh, and if you don’t know what a Canadian tuxdedo is, it’s when you wear a denim jacket with denim jeans. What was once considered corny, is now totally in.

Bright White 

This next move may be a bit risqué, but taking a risk is always smiled upon in the fashion world. White. Yes… I’ll say it again; WHITE! White is often frowned upon in the edgy NYC fashion world. Not because we dislike white, but white is just difficult to wear; Manhattan is so dirty, so one wrong move and you have a stain. Plus, wearing white to a show is very dangerous, since there are so many opportunities to ruin your outfit. Honestly, unless you’re in a VIP section, or like to hang out in the back of the crowd, I would shy away from white. However, whenever I see someone in a nice, white outfit at a show, I often give them my nod of approval. There is a quiet confidence when a person wears a dominant white outfit, especially against the sea of NYC’s (and the techno world’s) black uniformed masses. But, if you do plan on attempting this difficult fashion feat, bring a Tide pen.

I’m not going to lie, even I get intimidated when choosing an outfit for a techno show. I don’t know if it’s the actual culture, or if people intentionally dress better BECAUSE they’re going to a techno show, but the ante is often upped when it comes down to what to wear. I often sign off my advice tips with “wear whatever you want, just be confident” but honestly there in a precedent set on the style of a techno show. Think of it as a way of weeding out the gentlemen, from the bass boys.

HYTE NYC is Sunday July 2nd,

Purchase tickets here to attend the fashion show, I mean, techno show!

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