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KESS Records Innovation And Passion For Electronic Dance Music Keeps Pushing Boundaries

KESS Records is a record label that has been making a name for itself in the past few years. The label’s hard-work, vision and impeccable taste is evident with every successful release it has done so far. With Max Kessler at its head, the passion for music and the undeniable talent of its roster, comprised of fresh and promising names in the Dance music world like VAVO, TWINSICK, TWIIG, LZRD among others, makes of KESS Records, a highly renowned voice in Electronic Dance music.  

Their groundbreaking approach to building a strong foundation for their artist’s careers is rooted in their dedication, transparency and up-to-date strategies and management of every aspect of the artist’s projects; these are qualities that undoubtedly set the label apart from others. The journey of the label, started with Max Kessler’s first steps in the music industry. After a brief time learning how to DJ and make music, an electronic music summer program at university open his eyes to the world of music management; an exchange with a DJ manager made him realize he’d rather move into that side of music business. A couple of years later he joined VAVO as their manager and the rest is history. 

The hard work and impressive talent of the duo made Max Kessler think again about the possibility of starting his own label, after all VAVO was picking up more and more attention, their releases were consistent but more support and a personal approach from a label was missing to take them to new heights. What was born out of a need and a dream saw the label and the DJ duo achieve big milestones when their first release together ‘Sleeping Alone’, became a BPM Breaker and hit the Billboard Dance charts. From then on, KESS Records started its journey of powerful releases and significant achievements. 

Even though the label boss believes KESS Records has no specific genre, as they’re open to release high-quality music from exceptional talents; today, releases by the label, that fall into the Dance House, Dance Pop and Electronic Pop genres, have already amassed dozens of millions of streams, landed spots in thousands of playlists, as well as topped the most important charts worldwide, like the Billboard Dance charts, Apple and Deezer charts in different countries and important playlists on major streaming services like Spotify, Apple, Pandora and Tidal, cementing their dominance and influence in the business. 

Recent highly popular releases from the label are VAVO’s ‘Pieces’, that has already surpassed 8 million global plays, ‘Weekends’ that it’s on its way to break the record set by its predecessor, and LZRD’s ‘Cold Nights’ and TWINSICK’s ‘Lose in Love’, both hard-hitting releases taking the name of the label and the artists really high.  

KESS Records innovative and drive-fueled take on music business and the Dance music world is unmistakable, as they continue to break their own records and push their self-placed boundaries; showing that the label, as well as the artists collaborating with it are set out to conquer the Electronic Dance music scene worldwide.  

Make sure to follow KESS Records as their release schedule looks greatly promising, and its reputation dictates that every production under its seal of approval is a certified hit in all its might. 

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