Melleefresh Introduces Herself and Talks About Her Past Projects and Future Plans in Exclusive Interview

Melleefresh is an established DJ, music/video producer, vocalist, songwriter and all-around multifaceted artist that keeps showing her immeasurable talent and signature sound that keeps amazing audiences worldwide.  

Her own Electronic Dance music label Play Records, known for its hard-hitting releases and countless hits, is ready to drop hot bangers in the coming months.  

While she gets ready to strike back with fresh releases, we invited her to introduce herself, talk about her previous projects and what her upcoming plans are. 

Hi Melleefresh, how are things going? 

Can you tell us more about yourself? 
Of course, I’m from Toronto, Canada. I have my own label, Play Records, and a recording studio, Play Deep Studios cc, in London, UK. I’m a vocalist, songwriter, music & video producer/DJ, cake maker, and fashion designer of wearable art. 

How were you first introduced to music? 
I had always wanted to do Big Band Cartoon ridiculous music with a Betty Boop New York kinda accent and I started a collaboration with a classically trained pianist John Henry Nyenhuis. We wrote an album of kitsch-y tunes and embarked on a musical adventure together with an Atari computer and an 8-track studio, upgrading along the way to eventually 24 tracks and 2 in tape, we’re talking old school! 
I made my first album. Melleny Melody and the Syncopated Symphonies of John Henry Nyenhuis that I put out on my first label Nepotism Music, our motto was Family Friends or Fuck Off. 

How or when did you know this is what you wanted to do? 
Doing voice-over work for cartoons introduced me to the studio. I loved it – using my voice to do other voices. And I realized that I also had a singing style which I hadn’t fully explored. It was so exciting for me. I realized my kind of music was unusual and kitschy, so I’d have to start my own label. Play Records is the third label that I started, in 1996.  

Who are your biggest musical influences? 
Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, and Madonna.  

How would you describe your sound? 
Hot, dirty, sexy, breathy, girlie, electronic, cute not threatening. 

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far? 
Retaining complete independence and having the freedom to release music whenever I want and in any style or format I want. Rather than finding myself in a position where people are telling me what I have to do. 

Which track from your releases would you suggest someone listen to first? 
One of my favorite songs that I’ve written is ‘Afterhours’, for which deadmau5 and I were nominated for a Juno Award. I recently did a new take on it – ‘Afterhours Redux’. It’s great too.   Musically and vocally, I love it. Either of those tracks would be a suitable entry to my oeuvre. You can hear what I truly sound like – hot, dirty, girlie, sexy, cute, not threatening but oozing oomph! 

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? 
I’d love to work with Marshmello, Honey Dijon, Cathy Dennis, Nile Rodgers. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself? 

I’m two of the Care Bears voices – Cheer Bear and Baby Tugs.(Girl Bear and Boy Bear) And I played opposite myself, that was a cool experience! 

What’s coming up for Melleefresh? 

My trainer asked me why there is no workout music from Play Records and I thought, ‘You’re right!’ So, I grabbed a few of my favorite tracks and amped them up to 150bpm. They’ll be on a new Melleefresh album called 150bpm Workout in March 2023. 
Also in the new year, I’m gearing up my DJ mix podcast, Melleefresh Radio, from a bi-monthly schedule to a weekly schedule. And I’m sure I’ll be looking out for the next Play Records Superstar Producer. Producing more music, and videos for myself and other Play Records artist Cuz That’s what I Love to do!!! 

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