Miami DJ Unveils Music Picture “Tale of the Crying Wolf”

Ed Unger introduces the music picture of "Tale of the Crying Wolf" on June 20, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST

Miami is highly recognized as one of the top EDM hubs. DJs of all notoriety work to make a name for themselves by playing at various venues. But Miami DJ, music producer, vocalist and songwriter, Ed Unger, took his career to the next level with his latest project. He released “Tale of the Crying Wolf” on May 29, 2020 and the nearly one-hour music picture for it drops today at 8 p.m. EST.

“Being able to think about the creative music writing process and the visual experience is very fulfilling as an artist. I got a lot of feedback through the years about my music reminding people of a movie or that it would make a good soundtrack. I also took a break from writing lyrics and exploring the emotions of music with visuals became a natural progression.”

Ed Unger describes the evolution of his Miami video production creativity

Background behind “Tale of the Crying Wolf”

The 32-minute music production takes viewers on a journey through several breathtaking landscapes. These scenes include dense forests, rushing waterfalls, serene lakes, and majestic mountain ranges. However, there’s more to Ed Unger’s Miami video production than what meets the eye.

“Affliction to inspiration and turning obstacles into opportunities has become my mindset after experiencing many hardships and challenges in life,” said Unger. “My goal as an artist and music producer is to capture emotions of music that are uplifting, that bring the listener to an open canvas of sound to feel, to dance, to dream, to reflect or to think about absolutely nothing. Even if a song is moodier or explores a darker sound, it will transition to a lighter ending.”

Miami DJ’s Musical Influences

And “Tale of the Crying Wolf” does just that! Ed’s full-length picture is paired with a sexy, cool beat that’s satisfying for just about every music enthusiast. The track offers a harmonious blend of techno, electronic and casual rock instrumentals. However, the prominent keyboard sound builds from a smooth, groovy vibe to an electronic beat that causes all listeners to dance. “Tale of the Crying Wolf,” is suitable for all venues and occasions—few artists can create such a versatile track. This pleasing piece has fans questioning how Ed Unger managed to produce such a masterpiece.

“Inspiration usually comes from extreme adversity or extreme joy and ‘mountain top’ moments,” said Unger. “Where for a brief moment in time, everything seems to be going perfect in the world lol. I find that growing as a person, challenging myself with learning and finding ways to help others helps interesting emotions and stories emerge. At times emotions will flow from me very easily into a rhythm or melody and other times it is a very logical and brainy approach. Being that I’m half Italian and half German, I have this rare ability to balance both worlds.”

Ed Unger’s Career Successes

Ed Unger attributes his success to joining people together through a shared love of music. His inclusivity dates back to his time spent at a marketing agency in Miami, Computer Music Production School, where he honed on his eCommerce business and SEO strategies for clients. The demand for his creativity soon led to Ed producing tracks and remixes while simultaneously performing around Atlanta. Along the way, Ed won several dance remix contests with tracks for Paul Schwartz, Sarah McLachlan, NIN, and Conjure One. This growing success led to a stellar opportunity in Miami, where Ed would soon work with clients located in Taiwan, Japan, Norway, Bermuda, Germany, Ghana, China, London, France, and more! Of course, there were several appearances at EDM events in Miami along the way. With Ed’s natural-born musical talent, his career sees no limits.

“I definitely have more house music and visual creativity in the works,” said Unger. “I am also exploring creative themed events that combine storytelling with music, visuals and the doors that have opened with live streaming.”

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