Electro-Rock Band Moscow Noir’s New Single, “Wild Places”

Canadian electro-rock band Moscow Noir releases new single called "

In the past, music has always fit into a specific genre, such as country, hip-hop, electronic, rock, and jazz. However, the Toronto-based electro-rock band, Moscow Noir, works to defy the status quo—produce music that cannot be constricted to a single genre. Moscow Noir boasts a defined sound that listeners can hear clearly throughout their songs. Loathe and Love, Moscow Noir’s upcoming album, will incorporate the sound that fans are accustomed to. The album added vocals and instruments which the band have not yet explored. 

New single from Loathe and Love

Moscow Noir is ramping up for the Loathe and Love album drop by releasing another one of its tracks, Wild Places. The song encompasses several instruments and sounds that are unique to the ’80s—this breaks the mold of typical rock bands since Wild Places has an upbeat vibe with sing-a-long lyrics and all! The lead singer of Moscow Noir, Lesther Gutierrez, said Wild Places is about embarking on journeys to places we’ve never traveled before. It’s the unfamiliar places that open our hearts, mind, and eyes—vulnerability allows us to “become one of the wild faces in those wild places,” Lesther explained. 

Message behind the track

The underlying message in Wild Places can be related to Lesther’s journey through the music industry. His interest in music was all started after enrolling in guitar lessons. Luckily, Lesther’s father was a minister at their local church, which was the perfect outlet for an aspiring musician. Lesther taught church children how to play guitar, and even went on to start the church’s band. However, Lesther wasn’t the only Gutiierrez sibling to love music; his younger brother, Sylvain, joined the church band after Lesther left to pursue forms of music other than gospel. 

At first, Lesther was a solo musician; he traveled Toronto playing in several bands until he found musicians that fit his sound. His younger brother became the bassist and his college friend became the drum player. 

“We needed those extra players to add those extra touches of texture. And then just play it live. I wanted everything to be done live at some point.” 

Lesther Gutierrez of Moscow Noir explained how the band got its members

Listening to “Wild Places”

Luckily for Moscow Noir’s fans, we can hear the band’s new single now. Also, check out music on their Soundcloud account as well.

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