JUICE for the Soul: Introducing a Talented Band from Boston

Juice is an indie rock band that were formed by a group of college friends at Boston College in 2013

By: Joor’din Valentine – FestWorld Staff Writer

Juice is a talented, multi-member rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. The band comprised of seven members: Daniel Moss on guitar is the ringleader of the group, Christian Rose with spectacular violin chords and vocals, Ben Stevens with amazing vocals, Kamau Burton with cosmic acoustic guitar sounds and great vocals, Rami El-Abidin ripping on the bass, and last but definitely not least Miles Clyatt killing it on the drums.

Introduction to Juice

Juice formed at Boston College in 2013 and the guys are still going strong as friends and band members since. These guys really seem to have “it” going on, they are good-looking and their musical style is super fun. In just one listening session, a few of their songs can enter someone’s playlist right away. Juice has so much raw talent, putting out so many great vibes, one just cannot help but get addicted to their music. Even more, their music has generational layers of R&B, indie rock, alongside some sounds of jazz and country. These genres are all merged together so seamlessly to create an enjoyable time for everyone who is listening.

Prominent singles

Since the group graduated, they have been touring a couple times and released some outstanding singles in the meantime such as “Konoha” and “Dicaprio (Love Me All The Time). “Konoha” refers to the village in a Japanese anime series called “Naruto” where the main character Naruto grows up. The original word is “Konohagakure” meaning “Village Hidden in the Leaves”. It means that the village is hidden by tree leaves shadowed from the outside. The village is where Naruto grows up and with that process, he grows stronger as he forms more meaningful relationships with the people around him. Possibly, Juice pulls relatively similar ideas about peace and love, maturity and growth, making those important life connections with people in one’s life and even getting rid of some who are not needed anymore.

Bringing in the emotions

These ideas are also able to take life piece by piece as they come in and out while keeping the individual’s sanity intact. Basically, “Konoha” is so perfect for the time everyone is currently living in. The song begins talking about trying to heal from the pain of exes. Afterwards, it gives hope by saying they met people who brought feelings to the surface for them again. It is always difficult going through the pain of a breakup or having trouble feeling because feelings are hard to deal with sometimes and it is sometimes easier to ignore them. It is a part of life that is too relatable that Juice have turned the song into a beautiful jam that everyone can dance to.

Closing Words

There will not be any spoiling of the lyrics here. Juice is one band that music fans should continue looking out for. The sounds from their tracks are tremendous and they know what they are bringing to the table. It is not every day that there is a band that plays music which encompasses the different genres all at once. Juice’s music is perfect for any surrounding and moment in life. Who knows what the future might hold for these young men from Boston.

Gen X Perspective interview with Juice

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