New Viral Dance Challenge: ‘The Woah Down’ by Chingy, Meg & Tyler

Chingy teams up with Meg & Tyler in 'The Woah Down'

Multi-platinum recording artist, Chingy, joins powerhouse duo, Meg & Tyler, in upcoming single, ‘The Woah Down’. The cross-genre bop is a collaboration the music industry never saw coming.

The magic all started when Chingy’s cousin, Stan, was working in Nashville with Gibson Guitars while Meg & Tyler were doing a showcase for Gibson Guitars at their studio. Following Meghan’s conversation with a studio employee, the duo met up with Stan and planned to work with Chingy. He soon traveled to Tennessee and began recording with Meg & Tyler at Bold Studio Nashville. 

Producing ‘The Woah Down’

“That morning, I had this beat idea in my head. Me being me, as soon as I’m in the studio, I’m ready to work.” 

Chingy talked about how ‘The Woah Down’ originated

Chingy, the St. Louis-born musician, hopped on the drum machine and laid the rhythm section. Tyler then incorporated various guitar and bass chords. Followed by Meg’s impressive vocal range throughout the song.  

“Meg already had the Woah Down idea going in her head to create a hook,” Chingy said. “We started swapping back and forth to see what would work. Then I went into the booth and laid my verses down.” Meg describes the collaboration as extremely organic. The recording artists seamlessly joined two genres and created a record that will cater to all fans.

 The artists behind ‘The Woah Down’

In 2003, Chingy was a household name across the country. His number-one hit “Right Thurr,” quickly became the party anthem for fans of all ages. The song’s undeniable success warranted Chingy’s two platinum-selling albums which produced other notable singles, including “One Call Away,” featuring J/Weav and “Holidae In,” featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg. 

Meg & Tyler are equally as decorated artists. Meghan Linsey shined in Big Machine-duo Steel Magnolia, earning CMA and ACM nominations. The duo’s single, “Keep On Loving You,” reached the NO. 4 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs—highest-ranking single from a male/female duo in country music’s history. In 2013, Meghan left Steel Magnolia and pursed her solo career, finding herself placing second on NBC’s “The Voice,”  and releasing her solo album in 2017 with select tracks featuring Aloe Blacc and B-52’s Fred Schneider. While Tyler was one of the industry’s top producers, working with artists such as Darius Rucker, Ashley Monroe, and Aloe Blacc. His latest single, “Suitcase Heart” has seen 3.5 million streams. 

Exclusive Interview with Gen X Perspective

In an exclusive interview with Gen X Perspective, Chingy anticipates a ‘Woah Down’ dance challenge in the near future. “I was just promoting the record and getting people familiar with some of the steps and saw my little cousin looking really cute doing it,” Chingy said. “So, when the song is up, we’re going to get into the Woah Down challenge dance.”

The future of ‘The Woah Down’

It won’t be surprising to see ‘The Woah Down’ dance challenge become a top hit on Tik Tok. However, this musical group is anything but a one-hit-wonder. “That won’t be the last you’ll hear from us,” Chingy said.

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In fact, the all-star trio has already written several more songs that will be released in the near future. After listening to the track (here), fans can follow Meg & Tyler and Chingy on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, and iTunes. Stay up-to-date with the artists’ success by following them on social media and streaming platforms.

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