2nd Edition of Wired Music Week in Kuala Lumpur

Electronic Dance Music has millions of fans in all six continents (except Antartica). The largest fanbases are in Europe and North America, yet, EDM has also gained many fans in Asia. In fact, this past weekend saw Kuala Lumpur hosting the 2nd edition of Wired Music Week (WMW). Wired Music Week is Asia’s biggest EDM conference and it showed that EDM is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia.

Comparatively, this conference is similar to Western EDM conferences such as Miami Music Week and Electronic Music Conference. Since last year’s Wired Music Week, the conference expanded to Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brunei. Additionally, Wired Music Week has plans to enter the EDM scenes of the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan.

Wired Music Week 2019’s Lineup

Last year’s conference had over 600 people attending field conducting conferences and workshops hosted by 52 EDM personalities. Because of last year’s success, this year’s conference expected 2,000 attendees throughout the four days in Kuala Lumpur.

Furthermore, the lineup for the 2nd edition of WMW includes DJs from East and West. For instance, the names that performed at this year’s conference include Kaku, Adam Sky, Kaku, and Dimantik. Meanwhile, Singaporean music tech company Musiio also initiated a giveaway contest where 10 students can win exclusive passes.

WMW’s Unique Opportunities

WMW isn’t just a conference that has great music, the attendees also networked with artists and personalities as well. Specifically, the aforementioned Adam Sky is also the Jupiter Labs CEO and Indonesian DJ Akhda is the DanceSignal CEO.

In fact, some well-known EDM labels are also at WMW including Revealed, Barong Family, and 2 Dutch. Uniquely, attendees also participated in production masterclasses where they saw how the DJs’ produce their original songs. Likewise, the attendees also participated in demo drop sessions where they can impress record labels with their own creativity.

EDM’s Future In Southeast Asia

To emphasize, the hosting of WMW is proof that EDM is a beloved genre worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia. Both of the 2018 and 2019 WMW conferences show that Southeast Asia does have its own talented EDM producers. There is no doubt that the conference provided the necessary global exposure that Southeast Asia’s EDM producers truly deserve.

In conclusion, the 2nd edition of Wired Music Week may lead to more EDM conferences being created throughout Asia. Ultimately, the conference could also increase more EDM fans in Southeast Asia and the rest of Asia as well.

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