4 Brainstorming Tips To Create Compelling Content For Your Business Website

Content marketing involves creating and distributing content that’s useful, relevant and engaging to your target audience. As a marketing strategy, creating compelling content for your business website is crucial for your business’ success. It empowers you to communicate with your intended audience effectively which, in turn, fulfils a need for your customers, thereby encouraging them to do business with you. 

Creating compelling content is easier said than done. If you end up using the wrong techniques and strategies, your entire content marketing strategy can be the downfall of your business and a waste of a huge amount of hours and financial investment. 

In addition to investing in the right business processes, systems and administrative software like Jobber, consider these brainstorming tips to create great content for your website that resonates with your audience and is strong enough to bring them back time and again:

  1. Define your goal

Before creating any content for your website, know exactly why you’re making it in the first place and what is purpose is. Great content marketing always begins with a goal in mind. Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you want to boost your website’s traffic? 
  • Do you want to attract new subscribers? 
  • Do you want existing or potential visitors to download your new application? 
  • Do you want to increase your company’s conversion rate? 
  • What do you consider a conversion to be?
  • Do you want to improve sales with your content strategy?

Without a specific goal in mind, it is very difficult to achieve anything specific with your content marketing efforts. Set short- and long-term goals early on, and then have your content marketing strategy evolve around exactly what you need it to do for you. 

  1. Choose and research a topic

Now that you’ve defined your goal, identify topics and themes that are relevant to your business and serving your customers in some way. Do your research. How is it best presented? Might you need to consider video content or imagery? What issues are you looking to solve for your customers? Look at what your competitors are doing. Where are the gaps? What are they doing well? 

Is there anything you can provide to your customers for free that will help them? Lots of companies nowadays offer customers free downloadable tools, calculators and templates to help them with certain common tasks like this simple free contractor invoice template that can be easily customized and downloaded. Things like this show that you understand your customers, their everyday pain points, and how to alleviate these. If you can become a resource people turn to for support, you will end up being front of mind next time they need to avail of the service or product you provide. You also begin to build up a community of people who turn to you as an authority on your subject matter.  

  1. Schedule a meeting with your team

Content brainstorming sessions can be conducted with any members of your company, whatever their role. Ultimately, if someone is employed by your business, they will have at the very minimum some understanding of your product or service offering and what your customers want. Reward good ideas and foster this across your organization. Be careful to facilitate an environment where people feel free to participate. 

Some helpful tips for getting the most out of your brainstorming meetings are:   

  • Brief people a week or so before the meeting on what the meeting will be about and what you are asking them to prepare 
  • Keep the meetings short and punchy so they don’t over-run and people lose interest
  • Have someone lead the meeting but in a way that encourages others to input
  • Keep the agenda on point and related to the session goals
  1. Get ideas from outside the company

If you’re a busy person, you might forget the fact that people outside your office may also provide you with opportunities to improve your website. These people, including your company’s audience and influencers in the same industry your business is in, can be a great source of ideas for your next compelling content. 

With that in mind, consider the following: 

  • Ask existing customers what they want to know more about your business, specifically about your products and services.
  • If you have guest writers, seek advice concerning topics that you’re not comfortable writing about.
  • Use social media not just as a platform, but also as a way to find out what people on the platform want to know, using those queries to come up with topics that address their concern.
  • Visit popular forums that are related to your industry. You can then look for some questions that other professionals are asking. If you have answers to any of the questions, you can then write a piece of content dedicated to answering that question specifically.

Final words

Brainstorming or team building is one of the most crucial tasks to take before setting up compelling content for your business website. But keep in mind that brainstorming is not a one-time thing, as it should always be an integral part of an ongoing content creation journey. Incorporating the tips above into your regular workflow will help you come up with more compelling content that is more likely to keep the writers engaged.


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