AirFi Launches In-Flight Electronic Dance Music Platform Dance 24

Hearts skipped a beat, and passengers tapped their feet on Valentine’s Day with the launch of AirFi’s DANCE24 platform across 15 airlines worldwide.

Some people give flowers for Valentine’s Day, and others gave chocolate. However, for AirFi, it was all about electronic dance music (EDM). 
AirFi is a provider of portable wireless IFE and connected crew onboard mobile POS and cabin management platforms.

Wireless IFE

Wireless IFE (in-flight entertainment) allows passengers to stream content on their own personal devices, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones. It works by enabling an onboard entertainment cabin network. As a result, an airline no longer needs monitors or seatback hardware. Therefore an airline can save on equipment and fuel costs. Additionally, One feature of wireless IFE is that it delivers personalized content and entertainment to passengers on their own devices. It also makes it easier for passengers to spend money while onboard. It also allows airlines to auction off external internet as well as collect and use data from every flight.

The launch of Dance 24

AirFi launched what it claims is the world’s first onboard dance music streaming platform, Dance 24. They simultaneously launched this service across 15 airlines on over 200 aircraft based in more than 20 countries worldwide. To accomplish this, AirFi partnered with Netherlands-based EDM content and live music festival pioneers, BMCD.

The platform features concerts, live event streams, and music from a back catalog of over 1,200 hours of content from large festivals and global DJ’s. Dance 24 also teamed up with legendary trance DJ, Shane 54, to launch the new in-flight edition of his weekly EDM radio show: International Departures.


Shane 45 made the following statement:

I’m super excited to be intimately involved with the Dance 24 set up. Going live to millions of passengers flying to more than 100 countries presents such a great opportunity to reach new audiences in new places around the world.

Martin Cunnison, general manager and executive producer of Dance 24 also made a statement:

Dance 24 brings the biggest names in dance music to the captive and captivated in-flight marketplace, for the very first time. We’re really excited that Dance 24 will launch to over one million passengers in our very first month.

Raymond Devilee, head of Content Development BMCD made the following statement:

There is an enormous untapped potential here. Dance 24 opens up a brand new licensing model and sponsorship opportunities, creating a new immersive experience for global dance fans to get involved on board and online. We have exciting plans ahead for monetizing this engaged audience, from premium content and VIP experiences to downloads [and] merchandise.

The future of Dance 24

The ultimate goal is to make Dance 24 available on other major IFE systems in the coming months. The platform will feature loads of fresh content and new user features. For example, Dance 24 will have the ability to share content, comments, and experiences with EDM fans worldwide. Additionally, Cunnison says he expects Dance 24 to tap into the meteoric global rise of EDM. With more than 200 EDM festivals held in over 60 countries last year alone and EDM content generating over 5 billion online streams globally, Dance 24 is clearly onto something.

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