Apple Music Director’s Venture To Better Compensate Musicians

North Inc. recently hired former Apple Music executive Dave Allen to lead a venture connecting brands with original music to better compensate musicians.  For decades, artists struggled to wage fair compensation for their online music streaming. The Portland ad agency, North Inc. is finally campaigning for a resolution. With over twenty years experience in technology, digital media, and the music industry, Allen just might be the man for the job.


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Dave Allen, bass player for the post-punk band Gang of Four and recently head of artist relations at Apple Music, is a veteran of the music industry and technology. In 2014, he joined Beats Music as Director of Artist & Music Industry Advocacy. After Apple acquired Beats, Allen stayed on with Apple Music in Artist Relations. When North opened its music division, North Music, Allen was brought on as the Director of Artist Advocacy.

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work!

North Music is dedicated to connecting artists and brands. As Allen describes, North Music will work with artists creating original music for individual brand marketing on a limited basis. The brands pay an upfront fee for a limited-use license and the artists retain lifetime master rights of their works.  Removing the need for middle-man licensing means more money for everyone. With recent controversy between artists and music media apps, this day couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

This isn’t Allen’s first rodeo at North.  He left a director position with the company several years ago to work in advocacy for Beats Music, the subscription-based online music streaming service. When Apple acquired Beats, Allen helped launch Apple Music.  His return to North demonstrates a dedication to the effort of the company’s new music division to better compensate artists. Allen’s industry background as a musician surly influenced the decision. As much as he’s accomplished connecting consumers with music, we can hope for the same success connecting musicians with fair compensation.


To learn more about North and their effort to better compensate musicians, visit their website.


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