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Apple Publishing

Apple Inc. has been the leading information technology company by revenue for decades. It does not look like Apple is taking a step down anytime soon either. Steering the wheel in a new direction, Apple Music is launching a global music publishing division, directed by Elena Segal.

As a result, Apple can now have its own rules and rights to their music that they publish. Clearly, taking this step is a smart and gallant move for the billion dollar company, particularly when it comes to Apple Music promotion.


The push for this new addition is said to be from Apple Music head honcho Oliver Schusser. According to Schusser, much of the artist discovery happening in music today is from the publishing side. Therefore, it makes sense to take initiative on this evidence and create something gold with it. This is exactly what he is doing.

According to Schusser, the importance of publishing and songwriters to Apple is what this is all about. His promotion from iTunes international to lead in Apple Music Worldwide has prompted all that we are seeing.

Oliver Schusser

Publishing Division Effects

Relation teams at streaming services already serve labels and artists well. Therefore, it makes sense not to build up from that and show such a relation towards publishing. It is a logical and savvy business decision. This also eliminates third parties in relation to publishing music, assuming all included parties are on board.

Within the new division will be several subdivisions. For instance, subdivisions include Operations, Commercial, Publisher Relations, and A&R.  Apple is also giving writers assistance in their development within the A&R subdivision of the music publishing team rather than signing new talent.

However, this now begs the question: Is getting Apple Music to believe in you all it takes to have a full-fledged music career? Or is there something else? In either case, making moves is always a must; a move on Apple’s part and a move on every singer, songwriter, and musician looking to get their material in the right hands.

About Elana Segal

Elena Segal will be the leader and head of the publishing division. Previously, she worked in licensing and legal matters within iTunes international.

Elana originally joined the company back in 2006. In addition, Segal possesses all the needed experience and qualifications to run this exciting new division within Apple Music.

Elena Segal

Apple Music

Is Apple aware of this? Is this just a business move or a movement? Or is it a bit of both? We can assure there are minds behind it all, minds with running engines. As always, we are likely to see a huge duplicate of this in the future.

Music streaming services and other music companies will continue to debut additional “labels” or “publishing” segments. Once again, Apple is showing why they are a forefront company of cutting-edge and trendsetting movements as such.

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