ArtistEcard Becomes Music Industry DIY Leader

ArtistEcard Corporation is an innovative technology company, headquartered in Chicago, IL. With its roots firmly planted in high-tech and entertainment sectors, ArtistEcard provides unparalleled technological solutions in the field of music marketing to the independent and well-established artists, focusing on such aspects of E-marketing as the visual presence, uniquely crafted video services, web applications, electronic press kits, video online advertising and syndicated services to users, artists, merchants and commercial partners alike.

The state-of-the-art platform includes a broad set of creative tools, tailored for website development, online music stream, production and global digital distribution of music videos, photographs, analytics, electronic press kits, a Facebook app, email marketing, a mobile handset optimized website, and promotional video materials.

ArtistEcard became world leader in the DIY Platform space.  The service is currently being used by more than 100,000 music professionals around the globe. Clients include Grammy award nominated artists such as DJ Nard X, Ric Steel, Colby O’Donis, Al Conti, Shea Chambers, Kahulanui, and one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time – “Chicago”, the band.

ArtistEcard has become a leader as a One-Stop Shop by combining all the tools that music professional needs in one place at the very low cost. ArtistEcard’s unique technology allows to control all of those services from one account. In the ever-growing world of technology, the traditionally accepted way of publishing, such as when the artist gets a record deal with a major label, and the latter takes care of the rest has now long gone. It was replaced by innovative technologies, eliminating the need of gargantuan investments and “heavy machinery” behind every artist as exclusive means of achieving success and recognition. Today, the labels want a “ready to go” artist, with his fan based and marketing already in place. Understanding the change and the vector of these tendencies at the right time, Ivan Buryadnyk – founder of ArtistEcard, was able to foresee the direction of the e-marketing, and thus was born the idea of the Ecard technology. ArtistEcard has been growing ever since, improving technologies and implementing new creative solutions, employing advanced algorithms, design, semantic analysis and sophisticated marketing tools to empower each client with unparalleled aesthetics.

Ivan Buryadnyk, founder of ArtistEcard shares his success story.

“We have a great team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, always eager and always hungry for conquering new heights. Most importantly, they, too, are as dedicated to what they do as I am. ThatAnd To that extent, we are currently looking for a new a key team member. It is critical for us to constantly grow and expand the horizons. We are looking into entering the European market, where such platform and such advertising model simply does not yet exist. With the focus on the visual marketing component, consisting of promotional videos, presentations, advertising campaigns, video blogging and the like – all of which we’ve seen as a key element in E-marketing, we are looking to add new faces to our team, and to find these unique individuals, who can help us to gain popularity and reputation in that part of the world.”

ArtistEcard was first created with predominantly US musicians in mind. But now, the platform, with all its blows and whistles, is able to equally accommodate the needs of the much wider spectrum of clientele, working with all sorts of artist across the board, including dancers, actors, designers. And due to high demand and potential of its services, the company is currently expanding its influence to the CIS countries and Europe. ArtistEcard website is already featured in 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Portuguese, and much more to come in the future. “With the help of the right professional, we are looking into completely adapting our services, with each country’s specific cultural and economic features, creating video promotional materials and advertising campaigns, in order to attract more clients in the eastern part of Europe.” – Ivan Buryadnyk

Founder of ArtistEcard explains the reason behind expanding to European markets.

“Well, you see, I, myself, am an immigrant. The Eastern European culture is a part of who I am. If I was able to build the company and to make it as successful as it currently is, I believe it is only natural that I “bring it home”, so to speak. The tools offered by us are not currently available to the artists in such countries as Ukraine and Belarus, yet there are plenty of successful and rapidly growing artists, who are in absolute need of the “big break”. They have the talent and we have the means, the expertise, and the unique tools. I think the natural solution lies at the surface.
Hiring professionals with experience and connections in the world of entertainment and media in these countries remain crucial and we understand that this is a long process. We are in the process of creating a country-specific digital and visual content, accompanied by a wide range of promotional and informative materials, such as explanatory videos, tutorials, commercial ads, and much more”

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