Billfold POS Unveils Access Control, Signals the Future of Personalization at Events

Billfold POS is launching its new Access Control feature. Expanding its RFID-based POS, the event management system will now allow event organizers to set up access gates and VIP areas. These will be instantly accessible with a tap of a wristband. 

About Billfold

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Billfold is a wireless point-of-sale system that delivers RFID technology to on-premise payments at large-scale events and venues. Previously, Billfold helped clients better use their resources and improve revenue performance. They also streamline event operations and change attendee’s spending behaviors. In fact, the system can boost customer spending by up to 67%. Billfold’s executive team is headquartered in Brooklyn. In addition, the company provides full deployment support and consumer insights.

How it works

Patrons use Billfold’s self-serve kiosks to activate RFID wristbands onsite and create a secure connection to their credit cards. The process takes less than 30 seconds. However, if an event prefers to mail wristbands prior to the event, attendees can activate them on the event website. Once the wristband has been activated, patrons don’t need to return to the kiosks to add credit. Instead, they can make transactions in line when they purchase beverages, food, merchandise, and ticket upgrades.

Access Control

Access Control is more than a fancy, wristband-enabled lock. In effect, Billfold Access Control’s screens attempt to engage event patrons. The screens do not show an event attendee his/her access status. Instead, they show advertising or serve as event information spaces. For example, they can share messages from sponsors, special offers, and/or updates to the festival schedule. Eventually, Access Control plans to create a feature allowing patrons to upgrade their tickets at points of entry. When a customer upgrades, it charges the card linked to the customer’s RFID wristband.   

Billfold co-founder Stas Chijik made the following statement about the Access Control feature:

Most access control solutions currently on the market don’t have displays or instant upgrades. They are simple green light/red light setups. We’ve added a display that opens up a new realm of possibilities for event organizers and operators and that lets patrons get VIP experiences with a tap of their wristband.

Stas Chijik

Event data

Event operators receive real-time sales data sorted by individual staff, bar or vendor. As a result, they can respond better to the needs and preferences of their customers. In addition to the extensive reporting features, event organizers can use Customer Journey Reports to engage with attendees based on their purchase history.

It is important for any event organizer or sponsor to have a full understanding of the customer journey. Billfold’s tools help make this possible. Billfold Access will also provide a rich trove of data regarding movement through the event. For one thing, it will track entry and exit information. It will also include long-range tracking of event patrons as they enjoy a venue or festival. Venue and festival owners will be able to gain deeper insight into where people go when. As a result, event planners can utilize the information provided to better plan for security, programming, and amenities.

Targeted Ads

This data can also power new approaches to signage and advertising at events. This is because it allows for targeted ads, similar to what consumers already see online. Billfold co-founder Stas Chijik explains as follows:

It’s not a big leap to imagine out-of-home ads at events becoming far more dynamic and personal. If a customer is approaching a digital billboard, for example, the screen would only offer ads relevant to that attendee, based on previous purchases. Stage signage could respond to who’s actually in the crowd and shift to display more relevant information, letting sponsors reach the right audience. Our system can take online marketing into the real world and apply the same customization you find online in an offline setting. Our system can take online marketing into the real world and apply the same customization you find online in an offline setting.


Access Control’s design is practical for food and beverage operators. Billfold’s system can reduce bottlenecks at VIP gates the same way it shortens lines at the bar: by increasing efficiency. Furthermore, Billfold’s access point screens and scanners are built with festival conditions in mind. In fact, they are shock and waterproof and event organizers can set them up quickly. 

Billfold POS Founders

Billfold POS is a collaborative project built by event operators Stas Chijik and Benjamin Roshia, and a development and design team under Albert Akbashev’s direction.

Chijik and Roshia have years of experience in large-scale event operations and live music productions. Stas Chijik has experience as owner/operator of multiple New York City bars. Akbashev has over 16 years of experience in the IT industry and is the founder and CEO of digital agency Oblako. Oblako has earned the trust of many large international brands such as Kia, AVON, Misfit, Papa Johns, MTS, Kontinental Hockey League, VK, Sibur, Yamal SPG, Gazprom as well as smaller companies and IT startups. 


In addition to The Brooklyn Mirage/Avant Gardner, some of Billfold’s notable clients include Anheuser-Busch, Made Event, MoMA PS1, iHeart Radio, Adidas, Knockdown Center, Get Lost, Crosstown Rebels, Summit, Art With Me: GNP, Cityfox, Elements Festival, and Matte Projects.

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