Africa’s Boomplay Announces Licensing Deal With Warner Music

Boomplay is one of the largest music streaming and download services in Africa. They announced that they signed a direct licensing agreement with Warner Music. As a result, this will provide the record company with a diverse global roster of music to the region.

The terms of the partnership allow Boomplay to distribute Warner Music’s catalog to its community of listeners in ten countries. These countries include Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Boomplay will now have access to more than one million additional songs.

The deal will provide Warner Music’s artists with direct access and exposure to Boomplay’s millions of users in the region. Meanwhile, this brings Boomplay closer to its goal of bringing music from around the world to Africa.


Joe He, CEO of Boomplay, made the following statement:

Major deals with internationally recognized partners such as Warner Music continue to push us closer to our aim of building the largest and the most reliable online music distribution platform in Africa. We want every music lover in the region to be able to access any song or video, anytime and wherever they are. We are looking forward to a successful partnership and business continuation with WMG in what are truly exciting times for the African Music Industry.

Alfonso Perez-Soto, EVP, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Warner Music, also made a statement. He added the following comments:

We’re happy to partner with Boomplay to bring our amazing artists’ music to millions of listeners across Africa. The streaming service already has tremendous reach across the continent, yet they continue to expand exponentially. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed for our artists to make a whole new legion of fans.

Perez-Soto also made a statement:

I’d like to thank Warner Music’s Charlie White, Marc Latilla and Reni Adadevoh for their unstinting support in helping pull this deal together and get it over the line.

About Boomplay

In the past year, Boomplay has been on the crest of a wave. In fact, The company announced landmark deals with global major labels. They also acquired millions of new users monthly and released an iOS version of their app in December 2018.

With major labels coming on board, Boomplay is now in a strong position to further improve its service offerings and defend its leading position in Africa. As of February 2019, Boomplay had more than 42 million users. They also boast an expansive catalog consisting of five million songs and thousands of videos from local and international acts.

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