Chartmetric Reveals EDM Channels in Its Twitch Chart Toppers

Chartmetric has plenty of EDM channels from Twitch that are ranking high on the charts

Since the early move from live music events to virtual livestreams, Twitch has become a hub for EDM channels to host sets. Chartmetric is a music data platform that seeks to provide professionals with reliable data to make informed music business decisions. The music data platform pulls data from numerous sources to give its users crucial insights on A&R, marketing, and other aspects of music.

The platform has been tracking over 5,000 music-oriented Twitch channels since May 15. Additionally, it also draws data from these channels every few hours. With this data, Chartmetric created four charts for music on Twitch:

  • Weekly Top Users by Viewer-Hours
  • Monthly Top Users by Viewer-Hours
  • Weekly Top Users by Followers
  • All-Time Top Users by Followers
Chartmetric EDM Channels

High-performing festivals on Chartmetric

In the past month, Insomniac, Abracadabra, and Desert Heart Records have headed Chartmetric’s chart as Monthly Top Users by Viewer-Hours. According to the platform, Insomniac alone drew nearly 1.5 million viewer hours.

“We feel these charts give a great overview of who’s gaining traction, as well as what level and kind of engagement they’re getting on Twitch,” says CEO Sung Cho. “We think these charts will prove valuable to music professionals of all sorts as they try to see how livestreaming fits into the business.”

Additionally, artists can register on Chartmetric to get data from their own Twitch channels.

Sung Cho’s additional comments on Chartmetric

Sung Cho made additional comments on the platform with hopes of providing valuable insights for music professionals.

“We love the stories data can tell, and these new Twitch tracking features and analytics add to the robust, helpful information we provide to our artists, managers, labels, and other professionals looking to understand what’s going on with music, no matter what the platform,” Sung Cho says. “Now they can get an even deeper glimpse into their story, or the story of the music they care about.”

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