The Creative Footprint Plans to Fight Club Closures in New York City

The Creative Footprint is a non-profit organization that measures and indexes live-music space.  Working alongside local experts and researchers, The Creative Footprint gathers data about every entertainment venue in a city and calculates its cultural impact. Their purpose is to assist nightclubs and fight negative gentrification.

The organization was founded by Berlin Club commissioner Lutz Leichsenring and Amsterdam Night Mayor Mirik Milan. The founding members have previously worked with cities including Los Angeles, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Their new project will be to collect data on New York City. They will work closely with the city’s nightlife scene to find solutions to the problems that surround gentrification.

At twilight, Manhattan resembles a vast living organism with ribbons of energy pulsing through its streets and up into its hundred thousand buildings.

The Creative Footprint will bring together more than 15 years of experience from two nightlife experts. Collected data will be utilized to protect the nightlife industry from unfavorable government regulations and policies. To accomplish this, Creative Footprint hired 18 New York-based data researchers for the project.

Once the data is collected, they will also work with local experts, including venue owners, promoters, and artists to analyze and verify the data. This information will provide insight into the current live-music and club landscape of New York City. When completed, this data will offer a vital look at the true effects of negative gentrification on the city’s nightlife scene.

The Creative Footprint
The Creative Footprint

Lutz Leichsenring made the following statement regarding The Creative Footprint:

It’s very rare that creative scenes have enough data to support their arguments when it comes to gentrification. The Creative Footprint is a way for us to work with communities to gather their data and hold governments and developers accountable for how they affect their scenes.

The Creative Footprint team will present their findings in the first quarter of 2018 at NightCampNYC.


NightCampNYC will be a two-day intensive workshop series. It will bring together promoters, venue owners, stakeholders, government representatives and global nightlife experts. Furthermore, the event will combine policy, data analysis, and grassroots organizing. Ultimately, event attendees will attempt to seek-out active solutions to industry problems. It will also help shape the agenda of the city’s incoming Office of Nightlife.

The Creative Footprint NightcampNYC

NightCampNYC will focus on the problems in the New York City music scene. Topics include making property legal, overcoming zoning regulations, coalition building, and NYPD relations.

Mirik Milan released the following statement regarding NightCampNYC:

In Amsterdam, we have seen the positive results that occur when you bring all of the voices—from the highest rungs of the city government to the kids in line for the club—to the table. Positive change can really occur when you have diverse opinions and open minds.

Lutz Leichsenring

Lutz Leichsenring is the founder of The Creative Footprint. He is also one of the world’s leading authorities on protecting creative industries. Lutz has been the spokesman and executive board member for the Berlin Club commission and has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene. He has organized demonstrations, conferences, workshops and regularly speaks at round tables as well as parliamentary committees.

Mirik Milan

Mirik Milan is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam. He is also the creative director of some of the cities most celebrated events. Milan has played an instrumental role in the reshaping of Amsterdam’s nightlife scene. His ideas have been utilized in many major nightlife-focused cities around the world, including New York, Paris, and London.


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