Tips To Get Signed To A Record Label

Enhance Your Presence

There are talented musicians that let their careers stagnate because they aren’t putting extra effort to enhance themselves. For example, a DJ can put in extra effort by upgrading social media content, engaging with listeners, and testing out new samples for their songs.

With the popularity of social media platforms today, DJs can promote their material on these platforms to attract new fans. Of course, having a social media presence will also attract industry personnel such as booking agents and label recruiters. Steve Aoki,for example, has 6.6 million followers on Twitter, 8.3 million on Facebook, and 5.5 million on Instagram. However, DJs should know that anything inappropriate they say or do will likely result in themselves not being signed.

Originality Is The Key

Joey Suki from listed five reasons that can prevent aspiring DJs from getting a record deal. A couple reasons include sending unfinished tracks to the record label and writing long biographies to the label manager. Given that, DJ’s should only send private (and finished) tracks to the label manager.

However, those tracks should only be original content and they shouldn’t be remixes or edits. A label manager is able to enhance a DJ’s career if their music shows potential for success.

Turbo Recordings CEO Thomas Von Party said the following:

Being creative about how you present yourself is key. The more you can appear a fully-formed artist, the more likely you’ll be taken seriously.

Getting That Desired Record Deal

Obtaining that desired record deal is simple if the DJ knows what kind of deal he or she prefers. The DJ should still continue learning more about the deal and see if it’s still good for their career. For example, the extra learning can be finding out if the targeted audience is good for the DJ’s music.

There’s also that saying, “Practice makes perfect.” In fact, practicing a lot may lead to more prestigious record deals. DJs will be more recognized if they put themselves out on numerous platforms, especially on Twitter and Soundcloud.

A-Trak explains this further:

DJs have to learn is to understand not only what to play and when but in which setting.

Play What You Love

One important thing is that every DJ should always enjoy making music, no matter what. Equally important, Joey Santos from Digital DJ Tips states that DJs shouldn’t ever “play anything they don’t like.” DJs should enjoy producing and playing their own music and they should not have to change for anyone.

A DJ should also put more effort into reaching out to different audiences who may become their new fans. In fact, a DJ increases their odds of getting signed to a record deal if they’re willing to change how they get their music noticed.

Renowned producer Simon Langford stated the following:

Just remember to be reasonable: be patient, and start slowly, but never sell yourself short.

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