Dubset Partnership With Beatport To Curate Mixes and Remixes

Dubset is an innovative music tech company that enables distribution of complex music content across different labels and publishers. Additionally, some of the companies Dubset works with include Apple, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Spotify. Two of Dubset’s prominent products are the MixBANK platform and MixSCAN proprietary technology and uniquely, they allow Dubset to identify the use of a label or publisher’s catalog, claim the label’s use, and ensure royalty flow to the rights holders.

Likewise, Dubset identifies and claims catalog use for over four hundred and eighty thousand labels and publishers. Recently, Dubset announced a music tech partnership with Beatport that will allow Dubset to connect MixBANK to Beatport’s retail store.

Background Behind The Partnership

According to Magnetic Magazine, the partnership lets Dubset select remixes cleared through MixBANK become available for download on Beatport. In particular, DJs can source new edits and their music’s alternate versions for consumer purchase on the store. Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels mentioned that more producers are moving toward technologies like MixBANK since it distributes more content.

To clarify, the new partnership also allows Dubset to focus more on curated content from DJs specifically. For Beatport, its charts allow users to discover niches in electronic music and for DJs and producers to become resources for music consumers. Both companies are certain to collaborate with each other regularly to curate the best MixBANK tracks for Beatport’s store.

Creating The Best Mixes

Dubset CEO Stephen White stated that Dubset will create branded crates based on Beatport’s aforementioned charts. At the same time, the tracks will also be available through MixBANK to cross-correlate. That way, the producer can have Beatport-ranked content that is already available in the Dubset system. Beatport VP of Distribution, David Nicomini, said that Beatport is also working with streaming services, as well as DJ hardware and software makers, to create a new ecosystem for mix content.

Indeed, the partnership is beneficial for DJs and consumers since unofficial remixes have been fundamental to DJ sets. In turn, it could also lead to the creation of a legal marketplace where artists can put their curated content on the market. As of this moment, both companies are planning further enhancements and integration over the course of the next year.

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