EDM Concerts and Festivals: Are The Ticket Prices Worth It?

Pricey Tickets

Regardless of genre, music fans seeing their favorite stars perform live at a concert is an amazing experience. For EDM fans, hearing an awesome bass drop at EDM concerts can create fond memories that will last forever. As EDM (including its various sub-genres) becomes more popular worldwide, the ticket prices for raves have also increased. For example, four-day general admission passes for Electric Forest retailed at $297 while face value tickets for Mystery Land are around $234. Concertgoers attending EDC pay between $1,480 and $2,000 depending on the type of food, lodging, and other amenities.

Ticket Prices’ Influence On Fans

Fans who can’t afford to buy tickets may become reluctant to attend raves in the future. The fans who had bought tickets, on the other hand, will encounter a significant deficit in their bank accounts. Older fans can remember a time where they would enjoy the music in smaller settings such as private clubs. Today, EDM is a multibillion-dollar industry that draws huge crowds such as over 135,000 people on the third day of EDC 2018. Between 2010 and 2015, average ticket prices increased by 20% with an all-time high average cost of $74.25.

If you spend $1,000 and only feel the pain of hemorrhaging that much money, you won’t want to go back next year. The experience may be otherworldly and even spiritual to some degree, but the reality is that money governs access to that experience, and inflation will only make concerts and festivals costlier as time goes on.

Quoted by Mix 247 EDM’s Jacob Lesinki in “Is The Cost Of Attending An EDM Event Too Expensive

EDM Scene Then And Now

Three-day general admission passes for the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival start at $319 plus taxes and fees. The EDM industry as of May 2018 is worth $7.3 billion. One important factor in the industry’s growth is the popularity of the festivals. As EDM continues gaining fans, the industry should still be aware that increasing ticket prices does drive away potential concertgoers. Some of the world’s best DJs started performing in establishments where fans enjoyed their music for a low fee. The EDM scene 30 years ago had young people who loved expressing themselves in an underground setting.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Electronic dance music as a genre is one that emphasizes on peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR) for everyone. The principles of PLUR should include fans who are in low-income households and work minimum wage jobs. These are the fans who love EDM as much as those who are financially stable but aren’t able to afford to attend all of the concerts and festivals they want to attend. These concerts and festivals bring people from different cultures to come together and enjoy the same love for EDM. An increase of fans from underserved communities is possible if event organizers can set affordable prices for tickets.

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