Exit Live Launches Global Music Platform to Sell Concert Recordings

A new music platform is about to be launched that will allow artists to sell live recordings directly to fans. Dubbed Exit Live, The United Kingdom-based company has opened registration for the beta launch of the service. The service offers a hassle-free way for artists and bands to make money from their audience. One of the core principles of Exit Live is that artists set their own prices.

How Exit Live works

A visitor can register as a fan or an artist on the Exit Live website. At present, anyone can register as a fan. However, artist registration is currently in beta mode, and the company is only allowing a small number of artists to register at a time. Now, there is a three-day waiting period for new account approval. Nonetheless, plans are to make full access available to any and all artists shortly.

With an artist account, one can create pages for a venue or a performer.  A user can manage multiple artist pages from a single account. From there, a user can then upload images, music files, write a biography,  or description, create events, and of course upload live recordings to sell.

In addition to bands, the service will be open to DJs, orchestras, instrumentalists, comedians, and other performers. An embeddable widget also allows artists to list concert dates and recordings on their personal website.

Fans can also register on the platform. A fan user can then follow an artist’s page, view previous and upcoming events, and purchase recording files to download. Additionally, they can subscribe to updates on new shows and recordings.

Check out the video below for a demonstration as to how the program works:

With Exit Live, there will no longer be a need for a delayed schedule. Performers can generate a recording during a concert or show and release it on Exit LIve. Once this happens, fans can download the recording instantly. Recordings can be available before the audience even leaves the venue to head home.

Payments to artists

Exit Live is designed for easy and straightforward use. The company hired music and technology experts to make the program a reality. The goal was to offer users a hassle-free way of making money off of live recordings.

Any artist that registers with the service can sell downloads containing live recordings of recent performances or memorable gigs. The artist chooses the price of each recording. Next, Exit Live takes 20% commission on sales. Therefore, an artist will receive the remaining 80% of sales revenue. From this fee, Exit Live pays mechanical royalties to songwriters and publishers. Also, the company will pay 3% of the total net sales from a recording to pre-registered venues. The company accepts payments from fans all over the world and handles all currency exchanges.


Singer Dame Sarah Connolly made the following statement:

So many people tell me how sad they are to miss x,y &z concert. Exit Live will provide them (and me) with the chance of sharing concerts in places not covered by radio stations. I would encourage artists and festivals to get on board!

Conductor Suzi Digby OBE has also made a statement:

Exit Live is an innovative platform that all artists and ensembles can use successfully, providing their audiences with concert recordings quickly and at a price that is decided by the artist. The ability to receive payment immediately and with such good favorable rates for the artist, I can foresee Exit Live becoming a trusted part of our audience engagement.

Founder of Exit Live Giorgio Serra made the following statement:

Right from the very beginning, we have built Exit Live from the artist’s point of view. Artist first, always.
Its a passion for everyone involved and it’s about making a change for all artists. Its been a labor of love for all of us involved and we want to empower artists and make sure that they are rewarded transparently, properly and when they choose. There are many negative issues when it comes to artists being compensated properly. We want to change this and I hope that Exit Live will be a positive step in that direction.

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