Event-Ticketing Technology Company, FLIPTIX, Celebrates a First Year of Milestones

FlipTix is an event ticketing mobile technology company that enables concert, sports and festival attendees who want to leave early to ‘flip’ their seats to waiting fans. The company has already achieved numerous milestones in its first year of ticket flipping. For one thing, the technology startup is changing the concert-going and ticket-buying paradigm. In fact, it has changed “Flipping a ticket” into one of the hottest trends in the industry.

Early market research reveals that for a variety of reasons, 30% of fans leave shows early. Since the FlipTix app first went live in June, FlipTix has supported more than 50 music and comedy events. With thousands of downloads of the App in just a few months, the demand for “Flipped” tickets has been confirmed.

Jaime Siegel, FlipTix CEO made the following statement:

To call it a year of tremendous opportunity would be an understatement. At the 3-day KAABOO-Del Mar Festival, we flipped more tickets than we or the promoters predicted, allowing thousands more fans access to a sold-out festival.

As a partner to concert and festival promoters and venues, FlipTix is the only authorized mobile technology company to offer in-concert ticket flipping. This ensures the flipped ticket is secure and legitimate. With more than 5 million incidents of fraudulent tickets annually, FlipTix has quickly become a trusted source for concertgoers. As a result, this has lead festivals such as KAABOO and concert promoter Stage Left Entertainment to sign agreements offering “flipped tickets” at their events.

In addition to the achievement of having more than one million downloads of the app and the 50+ events, Fliptix has achieved many other milestones in its first year of operation. These include:

  • 16 Patents filed (and counting)
  • Secured $1.1M in seed round funding
  • Partnerships with Map Vida and Clair Global to develop and enhance user experiences
  • Two new offices open in Orange County and San Francisco, CA

Further Information

Fliptix website.

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