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Designing Synthesizer Sounds

Kadenze is offering a course in Designing Synthesizer Sounds. The course teaches students how to make their own electronic dance music (EDM) and to perfect their music producing skills. In fact, the program currently is open for enrollment. The course is particularly intended for those who can perform at an intermediate level of competency with synthesizers. During the course, students have the privilege of receiving instruction from real professors at the Berklee College of Music via Kadenze.

Designing Synthesizer Sounds

Study Plan

Kadenze allows students freedom in the learning experience.  Instead of having deadlines, Kadenze allows students to learn at their own pace according to their own personal timeline. Kadenze’s Adaptive Mode is a self-paced learning option with no time constraints on the completion of coursework. Accessible in most courses, including “Designing Synthesizer Sounds”, Adaptive Mode allows students to participate when they are ready to learn, and when they want to learn. This option is great for relieving students from the pressure of required deadlines and otherwise impractical time-constraints.

Course Outcomes and Cost

Of course, students get what you put into it. Exposure and enrichment come to those who take this opportunity to learn how to design synthesizer sounds. Kadenze can be the first look at a new career as a music producer. It can also help a new artist create their first release. Time is the only cost. Budget friendly, Kadenze also offers the option to audit courses for free. Member pricing details are available in the table below:

 Designing Synthesizer Sounds

Better yet, this course is one of the few that is entirely free of charge, unlike other course offerings through Kadenze. Now, this may seem contradictory,  course participation is open only to members that pay a once-monthly membership fee of $20.00. It is worth it. However, if a student is not satisfied, they can withdraw at any time without negative consequences. Later, they can simply re-enroll when they are back on the saddle.

About the Course

Designing Synthesizer Sounds teaches students to program modern sound synthesizers with common methods of synthesis and to produce full-length music productions. More detailed course objectives are available from the course description webpage. Otherwise, read on for a  basic understanding of “Designing Synthesizer Sounds”.

 It focuses on the musical and emotional implications of synthesizer components and techniques: envelopes, LFO’s, filters, oscillators, modulation, and audio effects.

In other words, students will engage a further understanding of making sounds from the programming options commonly present within modern synthesizers. Therefore, students can easily access the understanding of synthesizers and achieve the sounds they have always wanted to hear as music.

Designing Synthesizer Sounds

This program is a great opportunity to learn the art of sound design. No pressure. Rest assured, the Kadenze learning community is very supportive. Know this: if it sounds right, it is right. That is the kind of confidence that Kadenze’s sound design courses instill in their students. After all, music is meant for enjoyment, and so is the creative process of designing synthesizer sounds.

About Kadenze

For one thing, Kadenze is an online community for creative expression and education in the arts. With a variety of course offerings and programs to offer, Kadenze is a great learning platform from which to launch a career, enrich your life, and augment your schooling. Additionally, Kadenze operates in cooperation with world-renowned institutions to bring its students world-class educational experience.

Designing Synthesizer Sounds

Upon course completion, students may receive a certificate of accomplishment acknowledging their investment in studies and acquisition of skills therein. It, therefore, is a perfect token of accomplishment to include in employment or school applications. These are just a few examples of how to make the most of the merits of learning with Kadenze.

The future of online creative education is here.

Posted by Kadenze, Inc. on Monday, June 15, 2015

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