Kuala Lumpur Catches Up with Southeast Asia’s Growing EDM Scenes

Kyō Kuala Lumpur: EDM Destination

When thinking of EDM destinations a fair few come to mind: first of all, the EDM party hot-spot Ibiza; second, Amsterdam which is the electronic music industry’s centerpiece; third, Miami, the birthplace of the worldwide ULTRA Music Festival brand. By all means, these cities are synonymous with EDM. In fact, elsewhere may seem geographically isolated from EDM; however, if such music is in the air-waves it’s on the map. Our EDM radar is picking up on some in Kuala Lumpur at a club called Kyō.

Kuala Lumpur

Furthermore, our infamous OneEDM Intelligence has verified that Kyō is their local source of EDM. As a result, this makes Kuala Lumpur among the newer destinations for EDM festivals across Southeast Asia. In perspective, cities such as Taipei have well-established EDM functions from years of successful branding from The LOOP and more recently ULTRA Music Festival, which brings the city its debut edition of ULTRA Taiwan this September 2018.

Kyō Kuala Lumpur Knows EDM

Considering that EDM is a global community, the music business sees the maximum potential for expansion from Kuala Lumpur’s club Kyō. As a matter of fact, the brand recently made plans to organize an EDM event in the United Kingdom. For example, Kyō will take over the famous London venue The Egg in October. Surely, globe-trotting EDM fans just may want to keep an ear out for more from Kuala Lumpur.

So far, the talk about this club from its founder, Godwin Pereira, is forthcoming with indications of a successful entry into the ever-growing EDM industry:

Kuala Lumpur has the right elements for a club concept like kyō to thrive.

It has a cosmopolitan dynamism and a music scene teeming with numerous subgenres and collectives, although there is yet to be one specific venue that caters to all of these genres. Kyō KL was created to fulfill this purpose:

Housing a spectrum of genres both up-and-coming and forgotten, to bring together a community of music lovers who can enjoy these in one venue.

By all means, a view of the crowd at Kyō shows a full house. See the assembly of these music lovers from the pictures below.

Photos from Jukebox PR Press Kit

Kyō Kuala Lumpur Attracts Top EDM Talent

Fans of artists such as Seth TroxlerPan PotJeremy OlanderDubfire&METalib Kweli will like to know where to see them perform. To clarify, Kyō has plans to see each of them at their venue in Kuala Lumpur.  Furthermore, this is not all that there is to say because Kyō is only just beginning.

Kuala Lumpur
Photo from Jukebox PR Press Kit

By all means, the venue is poised to make a resounding success throughout the global EDM community. They also have all the right equipment including proper sound systems such as a Void Acoustics Tri Motion Loudspeakers and Stasys X V2 subwoofers.

Photos from Jukebox PR Press Kit

About Kyō Kuala Lumpur

Another key point, Kyō has a luxurious and over-the-top interior design. In fact, the venue spans 6,000 sq. ft. of escapism. Furthermore, much of the interior involves Japanese themes from its furnishings to the color palette. With a maximum occupancy of 770 guests, Kyō also has room for a dance floor, DJ booth, bar, lounge and booth seating, and a sensational decorations light design and the best EDM artists. For more details on club Kyō and the venue’s future bookings continue to their website. Enjoy the gallery of Kyō below.

Photos from Jukebox PR Press Kit

Connect with Kyō Kuala Lumpur

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