Live Nation Acquires Scoremore Shows: Prophetic Names Prove this Merger’s Worth

Live Nation – Scoremore Shows Merger

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Austin, Texas is recognizable as the live music capital of America. As such, the business prospects of the live music industry are especially well to do for anyone doing music business in Austin. For example, small and vulnerable start-up companies as young as 8-years-old are now thriving in the city, against the industry competitors as well as the economy.

Who in eight years time does that? One such example is from a company whose prophetic name explains the success in such as short span of time – Scoremore Shows.

Scoremore Shows

Scoremore Shows vs. Live Nation

There is always another entity that is better. For Scoremore Shows, that entity is the larger music business known as Live Nation. The trend that follows is business as usual – inevitable mergers of smaller businesses taken up by larger companies. This trend is true for Scoremore Shows, whose small business represents a valuable choice in its merging with the larger company Live Nation.

Merger Matters

In this example, the merger means Live Nation is buying out Scoremore Shows. However, this does not mean that either one is more successful in comparison. In fact, Scoremore Shows is being bought out because of its success.

Live Nation is entirely better off now because it recognizes the value of Scoremore Shows’ well-established customer base. The merger comes along with the money paid toward the sum of both companies. Ultimately, it adds up to more money. More money also means Live Nation is scoring more shows.

Beneficial for Both Brands

Furthermore, this transaction represents a smart move for an already well-established player in the large-scale music events game. This is because Live Nation is trying to grow the business of small-scale music events as a new source of revenue.

In addition, Scoremore Shows have established eight years worth of connections on which Live Nation can expand. Therefore, the original goal of expanding the business is well underway in this merger.


It is just business as usual. For one, the usual includes the business of musical acts from among electronic dance music acts, events, and shows. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of EDM in just the past few years, there is no wonder that Scoremore Shows made it through the music business. Without a doubt, Scoremore Shows knows EDM. As the saying goes, “it is all about who you know.” Therefore, Live Nation is bound to support the EDM community even more now that it is acquiring Scoremore’s EDM connections.

Live Nation will now be a name in the music business to watch for all involved in the EDM industry. However, that is all that can be said and it will happen in time. The conversation of Live Nation’s impact on the EDM industry unfolds.

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