Marijuana Dispensaries At Music Festivals?

Weed has been a hot topic and a concern in today’s recent news. It has indeed come a long way in the past few years. A vast majority of Americans are pushing for federal legalization which is looking rather successful. For those states that are already enjoying the extra perks of life, what do the music festivals look like? Will marijuana be treated just like alcohol instead of the other hard drugs that enter festival grounds? Such decisions would rightly be a strong step forward for the music festival scene. Considering the impact legalization will have on live events industries. How about a marijuana dispensary at an EDM festival?

While it would still need to be an investment from music festivals to address concerns, it would help alleviate some costs by allowing them to treat marijuana like alcohol let men and women using cannabis to go unbothered. Instead of treating it like harder drugs dispensaries could open up on site. All states that have legalized weed have the same consumption and purchase age of 21. However, 18 and up is the age requirement for music festivals. This would still be a concern, but only as far as alcohol is concerned.

Furthermore, on the business side, there is a lot more information that must be considered with legal marijuana. The alcohol comparison before might have given you a hint. As legalization takes place, cannabis companies are able to come out of the shadows and participate in the market like many other companies. Which includes many of the things companies do, like advertising.

Will marijuana go down the same road?

While most of the scrutiny so far has fallen on the cannabis companies, instead of the music festivals themselves. It seems they are content to let the companies use them without much thought. Going forward, music festivals may need to take a more proactive stance. When it comes to being compliant with laws and protecting the interests of all their attendee’s, festivals will to make it their top priority. Much like regulations regarding advertising related to the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Music festivals need to be up to date with this because marijuana will likely follow a similar path. Music festivals cannot simply advocate responsibility in this area. Festivals in Canada, however, seem content to do just that.

If all regulations are followed with unblinking hawk eyes and security is bumped up just a tad bit it would not be a problem. The sale of marijuana at festivals will increase profit margin and the possibilities to make a larger target market. Along with the fact that small marijuana busts could stop being a thing. Music festivals have not fully accepted or taken advantage of legal weed. However, there are solely based weed festivals that mimic music festival but is mostly just cannabis.

Marijuana can be fun and relatively safe, at least more so than other legal products like alcohol and tobacco. However, there are still risks associated with them, particularly for minors. For music festivals that have an outside impact on these developing minds, their choices need to be smart, responsible and protect the interests of their fans.

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