NetEase Cloud Music Hits 400 Million User Mark

NetEase Cloud Music Hits 400 Million User Mark

NetEase Cloud Music (NCM) now has 400 million users, continuing on its unprecedented growth trajectory in the China market relative to other music services, with NCM having only launched in 2013.

In June this year, a QuestMobile research study showed that NetEase Cloud Music app’s year-on-year monthly active user growth rate was 44%, making it the fastest-growing music service among all the music apps in China.

NetEase Cloud Music applicaiton

NCM’s base comprising high-quality users in China’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, and skewed toward the 15-35-year-old user, represents some of the most engaged users on the internet at present. Beyond the standard metrics of streaming and downloading, NCM’s users are also one of the most active in generating playlists, with more than 410 million playlists generated at a phenomenal daily rate of 620,000, and saved songs in playlists being shared at a daily rate of 5 million.

Another factor for NCM’s high level of user engagement is its inbuilt social network and user comments. Daily, users generated more than 1.5 million comments — a rather remarkable level of interaction with more than 400 million comments overall.

NetEase Cloud Music
NetEase  headquarters

Mathew Daniel, NCM’s Vice-President, International, elaborated:

“Consumption of international music on our music service comprises more than 30% of all usage — over-indexing compared to other music services in China, with increased listening in electronic/dance music, hip-hop, soundtracks and rock genres being significant.”

At the same time, NCM has extended its dominant role in Chinese music by announcing a strategic partnership with Asian music service KKBox to establish the world’s largest promotional platform for Chinese music. This alliance originates from a shared musical vision as well as a joint pursuit of music objectives built on the collective strengths of both parties’ platforms combined with product features. The collaboration will be helpful in identifying premier Chinese music and providing more diverse music content to users, which would create a ripple effect that paves the way for promoting artists across the global Chinese-speaking diaspora, and ultimately, establishing the largest promotional platform for Chinese music on a worldwide scale.

Zhu Yiwen, CEO of NetEase Cloud Music, noted that music has two lives — one is its creation and the other, its effective dissemination. The value of music is reflected in how it is disseminated and shared, as great music deserves to be spread and infect audiences widely. “A music platform provides good customer service by enabling users to discover and share great music. Furthermore, it must serve musicians, effectively spreading and promoting their musical work and boosting their output of further outstanding work,” Zhu Yiwen commented.

To this end, NCM and KKBox will collaborate in numerous areas, including promoting playlists, concert tours, short videos, and sponsoring original music. The online and offline interaction, facilitated by diversified dissemination tools, will build a sound platform-based ecosystem for promoting premier music by identifying the value of music, as well as attracting and amassing users.

KKBox has had a long partnership with NetEase Cloud Music. Chris Lin, CEO of KKBox, stated, “Yiwen and I have been exchanging ideas on products and technologies, and we indeed agree on many product concepts. I appreciate NetEase Cloud Music’s efforts to promote great music.” He reiterated that NetEase Cloud Music and KKBox share the same vision in providing artists with more opportunities to promote their songs on a global scale.

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