New York City Nightlife And Its $35 Billion Dollar Impact

The City that Never Sleeps never stops spending.

New York City Nightlife

According to the first-ever Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment economic impact analysis, the New York City nightlife sector accounts for over $35 billion in annual earnings. As a result, the sector also pays nearly $700 million each year in local taxes.

Nightlife in town also supports about 300,000 jobs and finances $13 billion in salaries, according to the report.

The Analysis

The analysis took into account 25,000 nightlife institutions that run between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. It lookd at five important subsectors, including Food Service, Bars, Arts and Culture, Venues, and Sports and Recreation.

In accordance with the workplace of Mayor de Blasio, the rest of the local economy is not growing at a rate as fast as the nightlife sector. In fact, the nightlife sector grew at a rate of 5-8%, compared to the 3-4% growth of other industries.

Although Manhattan boasts the city’s busiest nightlife scene, Brooklyn’s nightlife scene is growing fastest of the 5 Boroughs.

Avant Garnder

Avant Gardner

The nightclub Avant Gardner is one of Brooklyn’s large-scale event venues. In fact, the venue houses three distinct areas: the outdoors Brooklyn Mirage during the summer season and the indoors Great Hall and Kings Hall. The later of which is open year-round.

Attendees at Avant Gardner get immersed in the ultimate small-to-large scale club experience. To accomplish this, the entire complex contains KV2 Audio, extensive lighting, and projection mapping visuals. The club also features all types of music with an emphasis on house, techno and electronic.

Staten Island is the most sleepy borough and the only one that saw a decrease in its number of nightlife venues in the city.

New Yorkers appear to be getting around. Another interesting statistic is that between 2013 and 2017, 32% of for-hire and taxi vehicle activity was nightlife-related.

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