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FestWorld Magazine devotes to environmental sustainability

Feb 6, 2020 – While FestWorld has always been dedicated to sharing experiences that immerse people into another world, they have now set new sights toward preserving the world we live in by managing their own environmental footprint.  Therefore, the FestWorld team is proud to focus efforts toward a green and more sustainable world and are happy to announce they will be winding down traditional print operations and restructuring to move to a more environmentally friendly model.

While this is a diligent step towards reducing waste management, FestWorld also plans to lead in the future of sustainability initiatives by tackling widely overlooked energy consumption inefficiencies at festivals – diesel powered generators.  Powerful Thinking, a thing-do tank to drive renewable energy at festivals, have estimated that 250 generators and 16,000 gallons of burnt fuel are used for just a single music festival. These toxic diesel emissions are putting a real and immediate threat to our health and our planet with more than 40 known cancer-causing air contaminants released.  These statistics have FestWorld’s Founder, Scotty Moore activated toward educating himself and others about reducing festival energy consumption.  Today he shares his newest vision toward creating lasting environmental impact:

“The stakes are just too high for the over 32 Million US music fest fans, Artists, festival staff, festival host cities, festival sponsors and the environment. In the coming weeks we will be forming the Music Festival Clean Energy Task Force, a coalition of clean energy leaders, local government and other key stake holders with the purpose of helping music festival producers large and small get to our 100% clean energy goal by 2024.” 

FestWorld’s vision aligns with musician, producer and philanthropist, Chris Martin from the rock band Coldplay, who says “Our dream is to have a show with no single-use plastic, to have it largely solar powered.”  Coldplay has also stated to the World Economic Forum that they “won’t tour again until they can make their concerts environmentally beneficial.” 

Since then, major music festival producers such as Live Nation and AEG Live have taken positive steps toward creating a more sustainable footprint for the music festival world. With leaders and partners in the space, FestWorld is working to create awareness, catalyze change and inspire local governments to track festival emissions in America as well as ban fossil fuel generators at music festivals by 2024. 

While shifting the environmental culture may seem like a task for more than a small collective, FestWorld is determined to lead this movement.  A movement to rethink energy consumption, to break down festival behaviors, and to combat environmental damage.  A challenge like this could seem daunting, but the thing about movements is that they are ignited by the small collective and they move to inspire millions to join in and participate in something larger than oneself.  Join our collective; create a movement.  #FestWorldOurWorld 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Bre Lange

Head of Communications

FestWorld Magazine


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